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Steal Her Style: Jessica Alba

Following the release of the second Sin City film, Jessica Alba has been propelled out of the shadows and firmly thrust under the Hollywood spotlight to fight her way to popularity once again. And, we have to say, we didn’t need a lot of persuading to become dedicated Jess fans, after getting just the slightest peek at her gorgeous locks. Now that we think of it, the perfectly-pruned star is always hair-ready, and we certainly feel she deserves some more praise for her efforts. So here are our must-have Jessica Alba hairstyles for you to enjoy at home!
Plait Fan
incorporated braid
ordinary ponytail with small side plaits
you can view these images here and here
intertwining braids look
intertwining braids look from the back
you can view these images here and here
Okay, we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves here, but we’re pretty sure that Jessica Alba has been reading our blog. If not, then she must’ve got the style memo about plaits too, because this beautiful actress has been working them in the best ways possible! She successfully incorporates her braids into up-dos and down-dos alike, and we’re a fan of her varied way of thinking. She jazzes up an ordinary ponytail with small side plaits, which look gorgeous and understated with its medium height. She also accessorises her buns and pinned styles with carefully intertwining braids which look ethereal and feminine, adding a subtle element of interest – these would look fantastic over festival season too! The great thing about trying these yourself is that there’s no need for them to be neat and tidy, a little bit of mess only adds to the look. If, like Mrs Alba, you’d like to try and incorporate plaits into your down-dos, why not have a go at her cute side-plait? She takes us back to her youthful ‘Honey’ days with this edgy, urban style, which stops her straight locks from looking limp and lifeless.
Vintage Curls
simple vintage look
simple vintage look 2
simple vintage look 3
you can view these images here and here and here
Ooh-la-la! Our girl-next-door is all grown up! Once famed for her sweet, sensible image, Jess is now turning up the sass levels and her hair packs a serious punch! This vintage look is such a simple thing to do yourself, and it’s distinguished by a few key features.
Firstly – the side parting. The further across the better, because it creates that signature 1920s look.
Secondly – the sweep round. A good vintage-look down-do will only show on one side, and it should be the side that your parting doesn’t rest on. This means that one side will have a parting and your hair tucked behind your neck, and the other side will be packed with volume and huge curls tumbling down over your shoulder.
Thirdly – gradual curls. The top should start relatively straight, falling into finger waves, and then turning into big, statement curls towards the end. This can be done with pins, a wave wand, or barrel curls that have been brushed out.
When it comes to nailing this look, remember that it’s all about being flawless, so stray hairs and messy partings aren’t welcome! Don’t hold back on the hairspray, but make sure you use plenty of shine spray and a good conditioner to make it sleek and healthy looking.
Straight and Sleek
simple straight hair do
simple straight hair do
simple straight hair do
simple straight hair do
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There’s something undeniably chic and understated about a simple straight ‘do, and we love how Jessica pairs hers with a trendy middle parting to stay modern and catwalk-ready. It’s no secret that Jess is a big fan of her hair extensions, which is how she’s able to create these gorgeous layered styles with big volume. When she removes her hair extensions, her hair can look a little lank, but she successfully combats the problem by using ombre colour and lightening the ends, which stops her hair looking boring. Well-handled, Ms Alba.
Ombre Colour
dip-dye trend
blend of natural browns and rich honey blondes
sumptuous caramel locks
you can view these images here and here and here
Now that we think of it, Jessica has worked the dip-dye trend in more ways than one, and she always looks incredible! She’s well-known for her sumptuous caramel locks, and she makes it look classy and warm by using a blend of natural browns and rich honey blondes. She’s not too precious about how she introduces her colour, and the rough nature and varying heights of her blonde sections makes for a cool and relaxed look that she even pulls off with a cute little bob. Bravo!
Beautiful bobs
cropped bob
wavy bob
long bob
you can view these images here and here and here
Jessica Alba has been on the showbiz scene for a while now, which understandably means that we’ve seen styles come and go throughout the years, but the bob always seems to make a return! Ms Alba isn’t afraid of the chop – and why would she be when she looks this good? She varies the shape and style of her bob with every re-introduction, and she always chooses a style that suits her strong jawline and tapered chin. Whether she’s trying out a long bob or slightly more cropped style, she loves to team it with a side parting and a behind-the-ear tuck, but she’s also played around with different elements like this cute – if a little mumsy – split fringe… but it works! We’re starting to think she can do no wrong.
Posh and pruned
Sweeped side fringe
medium pin-up
classy up-do
you can view these images here and here and here
When you’re a red carpet babe, you have to up the ante every now and then with a classic and classy up-do. Sweeping side fringes are the order of the day if you’re looking to try a little Alba at home, and she is a huge fan of a medium to low height pin-up. Generally these are a little difficult to execute yourself without an advanced behind-the-head mirror system, so try and bribe a friend to help you neaten it up before you leave the house. Alternatively, you could try a messy version of her look and pull a few small strands of hair out around your face and down your neck for a relaxed, more casual form.
Wonderful Waves
gentle waves
big wide curls
you can view these images here and here
Just when you think she looks 10/10 with straight hair, she pulls out a cute waved ‘do and we’re back to square one. A huge fan of the gentle wave, Jessica looks super sweet with her hair tucked behind her ear and the curls tumbling down on one side, channelling a little bit of pin-up glamour and a whole bunch of mermaid chic. The versatility of this look is what makes it so successful – Jess models it on both long and short hair, light and dark, big wide curls and smaller ones too, and it works just as well for a trip to the park as it does on the red carpets at her movie premieres. If you’re looking for a fail-safe, thumbs-up style, this is the one!
Make like Jessica Alba this season and experiment with styles in all shapes and sizes! Keep the volume big, the hair shiny, and work those caramel tones!
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