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Steal Her Style – Jennifer Lopez

This week, Helen Mirren made headlines when she thanked stars like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian for their body confidence. The Hollywood veteran praised both women for being happy to embrace their big bums, because it has allowed other ladies to do the same. It’s the icing on the cake for singer Jennifer Lopez, who also bought a $28 million mansion this month!

The diva has been looking back on her career just recently and it’s easy to forget how long Mamacita Lopez has been dominating the charts. At 46 years of age, she looks better than women half her age and that famous booty is clearly still delighting fans (Helen Mirren included). Plus, in 2014, a scientist named a species of aquatic mite after her; and let’s face it, you haven’t really made it until you’ve got your own mite.

So, in celebration of a superstar – who was making big butts famous decades before Kim K broke the internet – we’re going to take a look at some of her finest hairstyle moments.

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The Versatile Vixen

We never realised how rare it is to see JLo with completely straight hair until her recent appearance on the front of W magazine. This is a slightly softer look for the singer, who likes to go big and bold on stage. It really suits her strong features, though because the simple cut and style adds femininity without taking away from her fierceness. As the American Idol judge was showing off a much shorter crop a few backs before this shoot, she clearly has some high quality hair extensions to thank for it. If you want to steal it for yourself, it’s all about getting that centre parting right. Be careful getting your straightening irons in close to the roots though!

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The Curly Girl Crop

While filming the farewell season of American Idol, Lopez sported this super cute curly crop. We love this style, because it’s not always easy to incorporate curls into a short cut. For naturally curly girls especially, there’s always a risk of hair looking like a mini explosion. If you want to get it right, you need to make like the Booty star and go for structured, teased out curls rather than tight ringlets. In fact, it could be a better idea to straighten your hair first and then introduce curls, so that you don’t end up with a wild mane. Also, remember that long hold hairspray is your friend.

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The Wet Look Wonder

Or, if the cropped look isn’t for you, this super sexy slicked back style could be a better option. It is rather a sultry look, so it’s probably not the best choice for Sunday dinner with the grandparents. If you’re heading out on the town or to a big party, however, it’s ideal. It’s also pretty easy to put together. If you’re planning to wear clip in hair extensions, you need to make sure that they’re secured before you start combing and slicking everything back. Use a high quality ‘wet look’ styling gel to create that ‘mermaid at a disco’ vibe. Your locks don’t have to be poker straight for this, but they should lie low and flat from the roots to the mid lengths.

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 The Backstage Beauty

When JLo finishes up on stage and hits the green room for a chill out session, she does so looking as fabulous as you’d expect. This neat, but extremely cute, updo is one of our favourites. It is pretty basic, but that’s exactly how low maintenance styles should be. This is one that you can just throw on for any occasion. If that guy you’ve been flirting with at the coffee shop asks you out for an impromptu drink, a tight ballet bun is all you need to keep unruly hair under control. It happens to be a handy look for those times that you haven’t had chance to wash your hair extensions too; just pop them up into a bun and roll out the door.

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