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Steal Her Style – Jennifer Lawrence

As pretty much the most loved female celebrity on the planet, it is perhaps not surprising that Jennifer Lawrence has bounced back so quickly from the nude photo scandal, which threatened to put a hold on her career. It certainly helped that she was such a doll about the entire thing – finally deciding, after initial embarrassment, that the she had absolutely nothing to be sorry about.
This week sees the release of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part One, a film which the world has been eagerly anticipating, since the credits rolled on the last instalment. In it, Lawrence plays the inimitable Katniss Everdeen, a Hunger Games contestant and the unlikely hero of a revolution. In order to celebrate the release of the film, we here at ClipHair have gathered together some of her most glamorous hairstyles.
The Beach Blonde Starlet
In 2010, a teenage Jennifer Lawrence burst onto the scene in Hollywood drama Winters Bone. It was not long before she had become the second youngest person in history to be nominated for an Academy Award. At this time, she was a fresh faced young starlet, sporting a simple hairstyle that brought out her delicate features, but suggested nothing of the glamazon that was to come. This do’ is natural and free, just beach blonde locks, corkscrewed into natural ringlets. If you want to steal this style, pick up a clip in extension piece in ash blonde, and secure it in gentle curls overnight.
natural and free hairdo blonde locks

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The Raven Haired Temptress
The world has gotten so used to Jennifer Lawrence sporting a cute pixie cut or a punk rock bob, that everybody seems to have forgotten this gothic look from 2012. With poker straight locks, and a deep dark shade of chocolate brown, this is a very grown up hairstyle – one which perfectly suited her recent transformation into action hero Katniss Everdeen. To replicate this look, pick up an 18 inch ClipHair extension piece, in darkest brown. You should not have to use heat based styling products, not if you opt for a straight piece – spritz with hairspray for maximum hold and shine.
punk rock bob gothic look

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The Angelic Halo Braid
In the wake of Silvers Linings Playbook, Lawrence moved away from darker tones, and began to experiment with her now famous golden hue. This beautiful braided look has become one of her most iconic styles, as it perfectly frames her features and is sassy and elegant, without being overly fussy. It can be tricky to get this kind of braid look flawless, so you might want to bring in a friend for help. Once you have the plaits in place, gently bring them together in a ‘halo’ at the crown, and affix with clear clips or ties. For added impact, leave a few artfully messy strands around the face.
beautiful braided look braided halo

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The Famous Pixie Cut
We couldn’t talk about the best hairstyles from Hollywood starlet Jennifer Lawrence, without mentioning her signature pixie cut. This has been her style of choice for some time now, but she manages to get an awful lot of versatility out of little length. She has done the bad bob, the slicked back chic, the punk rock cut and the grown up glamazon – complete with gelled back hair, scarlet red lipstick and elegant side swept fringe. This is the style that Lawrence is known for, or at least it will be until her upcoming performance as Katniss gets fashion fans lusting after raven haired locks again.
signature pixie cut short hairdo

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