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Steal her style Hayley Atwell

Hayley Atwell is what people have referred to as an ‘English rose’ but don’t let that fool you into thinking she is a wilting flower. She is a force of nature in Avengers assemble and is great as Caroline Mortimer in Christopher Robin but we are not going to talk about her great acting, we are here to talk about her style. If you want to see someone who has rocked dark roots this year, you have found your inspiration. Naturally a brunette she loves to have a bit of experimentation with her colour and styles so keep reading to steal her style.




Show of your roots
This look isn’t balayage it is called deep or dark roots and brunette ladies have embraced it with both hands this year, Like Hayley. It makes you stand out so don’t opt for this look if you want to blend into the crowd. Hayley has totally embraced her deep roots and shown it off with the help of a little hair gel. If are going to go for a style, you might as well give it 100%




Bunning it in style
If you want to look a little bit glam, nice lips and sunglasses are the way to go. This style is also a great style for showing off due tone hair. To make it look nice and well put together twist the sections before your wind them around rather than letting them go in the direction they want to. This is a brilliant style to include your balayage hair extensions into but doesn’t tug on the bun, you want body but not mess to keep it classy.


Tussled half up
This romantic style is perfect to add to a maxi dress like Hayley has done. Make sure you add some heat protecting serum to your locks because you are about to make your hair tussled. Curl the ends and shake your hair so they look natural. If you want to make it look a little more interesting add body to your crown area and pull your hair tighter at the sides.


Vintage vibe
This look has been rocked by so many hotties recently, like Gemma Chan and Kristen Bell. This isn’t the everyday bob, this is the A-list version. Whether you have long hair or a bob like this it works some wonderfully for an evening look. Pair your curls with a side part and some volume at the front to add some of the high-end glamour.


The period touch
Hayley may be rocking a blonde style right now but she has been in a lot of period dramas and for those, she definitely sports her natural brunette locks. This is a great example to show you that a brunette doesn’t have to be boring. I am in love with this bun that looks like a swirled braid surrounded in curls. If you want to try out this look I hope you are not afraid of hairpins because you will need a few before you put in your hairspray.

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