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Steal her style Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin shocked us all this weekend after reportedly becoming engaged to Justin Bieber. The model and tv personality is well used to being in the limelight, she is, after all, Stephen Baldwins daughter. We know her the most for her relationships and style. She is fun loving and likes variety and it shows in how she presents herself to the world. Let’s check out some of her best looks.


Bringing the scrunchie back

Hailey looks very 80’s with her hair accessory choice in this look. Scrunchies are a great way of making your look fun and helps you stand out a little too. With an almost wet look textured wave style to match, she brings the 80’s into 2018 and looks ready to hit the beach.




Blushing rose

Hailey has never been afraid to try new things, fortunately, she has the bone structure that means anything suits her. She has gone from her usual beach blonde to the stunning rose gold. If you are thinking or going rose gold make sure that you start with hair that is relatively light. That will make it easier for you and you will get the perfect shade.


Period looks

When I first saw this it reminded me of Grace Kelly.  A few extension pieces and a bit of teasing help you get the height you want and large loose curls give you the shape. If you like this look you can’t be afraid to use a bit of hairspray. This is not an everyday look but looks great for a special occasion.


Beach vibes

If you want a look that is brilliant both wet and dry there is no better look than the half up, messy top knot. If you have long hair like me a full updo would be better but if your locks are short like Hailey’s half up is perfect and looks super laid back.


Japanese trip

Hailey’s first time in Japan looks like fun. Wearing khaki trousers and a vest top she looks like Tomb Raider below the neck but her hairstyle is so cute. She has not opted for loose space buns but tailored tight ones instead. This allows her to have more fun with the accessories and add mini black scrunchies to complete the look.




The classic half up

If you don’t want to draw attention away from a fabulous dress and jewellery then go simple with your hair styling. Hailey’s darker eyebrows and roots give depth to her look but, other than a bit of teasing at her roots, this style could essentially be done on the go. To make it look a bit more refined she has tied the top section quite high and make sure that all of her hair is soft and straight.






Flower power

This is perfect for the season. Hailey is big on turning a simple style into something extraordinary with the help of accessories. She has been in love with scrunches but this look has been made stunning with flowers, perfect for summer.


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