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Steal Her Style – Gigi Hadid

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

The Met Gala is a fashion event that everybody can look forward to, even if they don’t know much about Giovanni Versace or struggle to tell their Balmain from their Marc Jacobs. It’s held at the world famous Costume Institute, at the NYC Metropolitan Museum of Art, and it celebrates the brightest and boldest fashion choices imaginable.

This year, the theme was ‘Fashion in the Age of Technology.’ So, Homeland star Claire Danes absolutely stole the show in a glow in the dark ballgown. If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to check it out right away – it’s fabulous. And, catwalk queen of the moment Gigi Hadid rocked up with boyfriend Zayn Malik in the most expensive manicure we’ve seen all year.

As this diva has walked the runway for the most prestigious fashion houses on the planet, she’s no stranger to a bold outfit. And, she’s got the best hairstylists in the world on hand to make sure that her tresses always look flawless.

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The Space Age Glamazon

At the Met Gala, Gigi not only sported a $2,000 manicure (complete with precious crystals on the underside of each nail), she also wore a super slicked back wet look updo. It suited the futuristic vibe of the event and allowed that amazing metallic dress to really pop. The truly brilliant detail though is the line of silver, metallic glitter across her off centre parting. It’s subtle, but it’s magic, because it elevates a fairly basic style and turns it into something special. You can easily steal this look for yourself with some glitter hairspray and some wet look gel.

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The High Fashion Ponytail

When she’s not making the world jealous with slushy Snapchat shots of herself and Zayn, Gigi Hadid is working hard in photoshoots and on magazine covers. She looks stunning in this shoot for BMW, even though (again!) her hairstyle is really simple. If you have features as in demand as hers, you clearly don’t need to rely on fussy updos or over the top accessories to turn heads. If you’re hair isn’t quite long enough, you can still copy this one, by using a clip in ponytail extension to get a sleek, chic length right the way down that supermodel pony.

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The Model ‘On the Go’

Check out this beautiful tousled and bohemian style that Gigi wore on a recent photoshoot. We love this one, because it’s so simple, but it manages to encapsulate everything there is to know about being a supermodel. We’re used to thinking of models as they are on the runway; with crazy, out of this world, hairdos,’ but when they’re out in the real world, they need styles that are glamorous and sensual without detracting from their features. This relaxed, casual hairstyle is perfect for go sees and casting calls.

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The Couture Princess

When Gigi does do full on glamour, however, she does it better than anybody else. This poker straight look is the quintessential couture queen style – it’s edgy, immaculate, and guaranteed to turn every fashion watcher in the room green with envy. The good news is that it’s surprisingly easy to steal. You just have to be willing to put the time into straightening out every little kink and curl in your locks. Attach hair extensions first and then style, but make sure that you use plenty of heat protective spray. Take the time to blend extensions with your natural hair, because the poker straight style will make poorly worn pieces very visible.

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