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Steal Her Style – Emilia Clarke

Steal Her Style – Emilia Clarke

With the much anticipated fifth series of Game of Thrones now in full swing, English rose Emilia Clarke is back on our screens, and lighting up our living rooms on a regular basis. As one of the most desired women (and fantasy characters) on the planet, all eyes are on the Khalessi as she looks to take control of her new city.

It will not be the only time that we spend with the gorgeous actress this year, as her role in Terminator Genisys is fast approaching cinema screens too. We were just as surprised as you were when it turned out that the sultry Game of Thrones siren is not a natural blonde, but a dark-as-dark-can-be brunette.

Yet, we have come to rather enjoy the contrast between her silvery fantasy tresses, and her raven haired locks on the red carpet. This ever-elegant temptress is never spotted with a strand out of place, and the experts at ClipHair want to show you how to steal her style for yourself.

The Retro Pompadour

This elegant pompadour style, worn by Emilia at the Chanel Oscar party dinner, is a rather unusual one actually. It’s not often seen on the red carpet, but we love the retro appeal. It suits her alabaster skin perfectly, because it draws her dark hair away from her skin, and allows her lovely features to shine. It has a lot in common with the traditional beehive, but it’s not worn quite as high, nor is it as difficult to put together – the fifties style twirl in the front could be a little tricky though.

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The Messy Updo

We love the fact that Emilia Clarke has taken the word ‘messy’ to its ultimate use with this hairstyle. She somehow manages to look like she has just rolled out of bed, AND like she was born to strut the red carpet. This is an extremely simple updo, which the actress has just pulled roughly into a low bun (with a centre parting), and a few loose strands around her face. If you want to steal this style, pick up a mid-long clip in extension piece from ClipHair, and carefully affix it around a natural bun.

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The Fifties Siren

It looks like the Game of Thrones star is rather fond of retro hairdos, because she rocked this amazing fifties curled style at the season four premiere. It’s difficult to pull off something this old fashioned, but she does it with aplomb, and her super retro side parting perfectly complements those big and bouncy ‘roller’ curls. With one side tucked coyly behind her ear, and the other springing free, Clarke is every bit the old school Hollywood siren. This style is perfect for girls with short-mid hair, as it doesn’t require a huge amount of length.

The Side Sweep

We’ve gotten used to seeing Emilia either in her platinum blonde Daenerys wig, or looking spectacularly svelte with poker straight brunette tresses. However, whilst always looking super sophisticated, she tends to look a little older with her hair pulled back in a straight style. This fun and flirty side sweep has a youthful and exuberant appeal, because it has a lot of body and it creates a cute curl at the top of her head. If you want to steal this style, add a luscious extension piece, and use a wide toothed brush to introduce some extra bounce.

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