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Steal Her Style – Ellie Goulding

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

Last weekend, 175,000 music fans descended upon Glastonbury, for three days of mud, sweat, and tunes. There were tears as the Queen of Emosh, Adele, got everybody right in the feels. There was anger, on Friday, as news of the vote to leave the EU hit Eavis Farm. And, there was Ellie Goulding. The blonde bombshell wowed with an unexpectedly punk performance on Sunday.

With her Les Paul guitar in hand, she twisted and writhed, throwing shapes that Jimi Hendrix would be proud of. It was an interesting move from the singer, who seems to be making a habit of surprise reinventions. She started out as a slightly rockier indie songstress, before hitting the big time with pop anthem, Starry Eyed. And, now, we know that under that blonde hair and sweet demeanour there really is a guitar god!

Goulding drew huge crowds for her Glasto performance and we can’t think of a nicer singer, who deserves it more; or one with such amazing hair, for that matter.

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The Glasto God

It makes sense to start at the top, right? Ellie hit the stage, at Glastonbury, with this characteristically shaggy cut. It’s ideal for throwing around, Stevie Nicks’ style, and really making a statement. While we haven’t seen her play around with colour yet, we reckon that a layered, uneven style like this would lend itself really well to a bold dye job. Or, even just a little bit of colour with clip in highlights. Add an oversized hair accessory – something punk rock, like a skull – and you’ve got your own Glasto Barnet.

The Lust for Long Hair

Ellie posted this snap to Instagram, with the caption ‘I’m never cutting my hair again!’ So, it looks like the Anything Could Happen singer is pining for those longer days. She could have them back in a matter of minutes with hair extensions, as they’d take this tousled, sultry style to full on sex goddess! We love the feathery ends on this haircut. Often, shorter crops can look a little harsh, because the ends are blunt, but feathering softens everything up and gives you that ‘just out of bed’ vibe. Steal this one, but improve it, by adding extra length and volume, with clip in hair extensions.

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The Grammy Sidesweep

For such a high profile star, Ellie Goulding doesn’t really switch her hair up too often. She knows what works and she sticks to it; a girl after our own heart. It was nice to see her try something new at the Grammy Awards though. This gorgeous ‘curl and roll’ look wouldn’t look out of place on the Oscars red carpet. To get it right, that front section of hair has to be backcombed just so. Using narrow tongs might help you introduce and retain some definition. Make sure that you douse yourself in strong hold hairspray if you’re heading out on the town.

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The Dancing Queen

Just like the rest of us, Ellie Goulding enjoys a night out with friends; eating, drinking, and making merry. The difference is that she does it at the finest restaurants and nightclubs, both here and in New York City. We’re not jealous though (well, maybe a little!) as it makes us feel better to know that, sometimes, she just throws her locks up into a basic bun and heads out, no matter the occasion. Because, as important as your hair is, there will be a time when it hits 9pm and your friends are waiting on you. You’re hungry, you haven’t washed your hair, but who cares? True style is being able to wing it when you need to and still look fabulous!

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