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Steal Her Style – Elizabeth Banks


The actress, producer, and director Elizabeth Banks is what you would call a super talented Hollywood player. The gorgeous star of The 40 Year Old Virgin, Scrubs, Pitch Perfect, and The Hunger Games franchise has been in a tonne of movies over the years, but still manages to retain a sense of mystery and elegance that fellow actors and actresses admire.
In 2015, she made her directorial debut with Pitch Perfect 2, which was received with adoration and praise from new and old fans alike. If you’re not yet familiar with this endlessly intriguing star, we recommend that you pick up Role Models or Love and Mercy and get acquainted with some of her best performances.
In honour of the wonderful Effie Trinket, the imminent release of her new movie Magic Mike XXL, and the fact that she always looks so flawless, the experts at ClipHair have decided to take a little look at her finest hairstyles.


The Casual Up ‘Do

This retro ‘do looks wonderful on the blonde haired and pale faced Banks. It’s a classic hairstyle – straight out of fifties old Hollywood – and it works because it’s as simple as it is elegant. With just the slightest hint of a quiff, Banks pulls off this look with aplomb precisely because she hasn’t loaded it up with fussy details. There is no heavy fringe, no unnecessary hair accessories, and no distracting loose strands. Whilst this up ‘do is intentionally a little messy, its power lies in the fact that it really opens up her face and allows her features (particularly her smile) to shine.

Elizabeth Banks up do, casual hair up do

The Fifties Glamourpuss

The actress is very fond of retro themed hairstyles, as is evidenced by this wonderfully put together bob. It certainly is a bob hairstyle, but not in the same way as the ones worn by many of the younger stars in Hollywood at the moment – instead, it screams old school glamour, with lots of volume and waves. In fact, this is a great look for girls who have shorter hair which lacks volume, because all you have to do is add some well-placed curls and ‘voila’, you have a style fit for the red carpet. As Elizabeth Banks has quite an angular face, soft curls are the perfect choice for her features.


The Full On Side Sweep

It’s time for that classic hairstyle once again, the look which has got celebrities going gaga this year – the dramatic side sweep. Here at ClipHair, we think that this style is so popular because it looks high maintenance but requires a lot less effort than you might expect. You only have to pick up a 15 inch extension clip in  (especially if you’re going for this longer full on side sweep) and then use a wide brush to tease in the volume needed to create a wonderfully bouncy side fringe. This is a really great look for girls with slightly sharper features, because it adds a softness and delicacy.

The Full On Side Sweep, Elizabeth

The Red Carpet Stunner

It’s certainly the case that Elizabeth Banks knows what works for her face, because she is always photographed sporting those gentle and romantic curls which complement her features so well. This is a slightly longer style than we have come to expect from the actress, because she seems to prefer to keep her locks on the shorter side. We’re glad that she decided to experiment with this longer bob, however, because it creates a truly head turning look. With a straight top and bouncing curls at the ends, this style is flawlessly finished with a coral coloured lip and smoky eyes.

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