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Steal Her Style – Daisy Ridley

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

The wonderfully named Daisy ‘Jazz’ Ridley has one of the most famous faces on the planet right now. Yet, few people recognise the name. Just a short year ago, this fresh faced actress was plucked from relative obscurity to play the lead role in the most hotly anticipated film of the last decade. Yes, of course we are talking about Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The latest instalment in the franchise, and the first Star Wars film from director JJ Abrams, sees Ridley star as the eponymous Rey – a scavenger and survivor, who finds her way in the world by making junk valuable. We already have the beginning of a great origin story here and we cannot wait to see how this feisty female warrior gets herself involved with The Force.

We are also pretty excited about the glamorous hairstyles which Ridley keeps rocking on the red carpet. This newbie is certainly no stranger to style perfection, so let the experts at ClipHair teach you how to steal a few of her best ones.

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The Next-Gen Side Chignon

Over the last few weeks, Ridley and the rest of the Star Wars cast have been hitting red carpets, all around the world, for premieres of the new movie. Whilst this London born actress is certainly not the only one who has been wowing fans (check out Carrie Fisher lately), she has turned heads with some very cool and modern hairstyles. Take this elegant side chignon, for example – it is at once sophisticated and timeless, but also rather modern too. To steal it for yourself, curl only the bottom section of your hair and then pin the curls to the nape; once set, experiment with twisting and pinning, until you reach a delicate ‘swept over’ look.

A photo posted by @daisyridley on


The Brand New Leia

Yes, you heard us – there is a brand new Leia do’ in town. It seems like every time the Star Wars franchise gets an airing, so too does an iconic ‘otherworldly’ hairstyle and this time is no exception. It seems like Carrie Fisher has really passed on the baton to Daisy Ridley now, because everybody is talking about her hair in the new film. It takes the form of a kind of three runged bun, worn on the back of the head in a fashion which is both stylish and practical. You will need a decent bit of length for this, so pick up a 16 inch clip in hair extension piece from ClipHair. Then, divide your locks into three parts and pull each into a half topknot; tie securely at the base, but leave the body loose.

The Down to Earth Chick

At the moment, Ridley wears her hair quite short, in a classy shoulder length bob. But, when she is feeling like a change, she can experiment with glossy hair extensions and so can you. They are easy to apply, look fantastic, and allow you to play around with as any different dos’ as you like, without having to commit to one look. In short, they are rather fabulous. If you do like to switch between long and luscious and a bold bob, however, check out this style. With its gently curled ends and centre parting, it is cute and fun, but with a modern edge. Plus, it is easy to steal; just curl the bottom with irons and spritz liberally with hairspray.

A photo posted by @daisyridley on


The Jetsetting Starlet

A lot of people have commented on how similar Daisy Ridley looks to veteran Star Wars heroine Natalie Portman. There certainly is a bit of a resemblance there, but we think that this newcomer is going to carve out her own path. We are excited to see not just her upcoming performance in Star Wars, but also what she does afterwards; she is going to be hot property in its wake, that’s for sure. As for her hair ‘game,’ well – she gets it right every time. This super practical, but ever so lovely braided style was spotted as she stepped off a plane in Los Angeles. It is the ideal do’ for travelling; light, low maintenance, utterly fabulous, and we love it.

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