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Steal Her Style – Cara Delevingne

The darling of the catwalk and current ‘it’ girl of the fashion crowd, Cara Delevingne, is known for being wacky, wild, and more than a little quirky. In fact, it’s hard not to love her completely un-starry ways. She drunk texts members of the royal family, hangs out in the buff with Kate Moss, and is BFFs with the newest Harley Quinn, Margot Robbie. We’d quite like to steal her life to be honest.

It’s pretty cool to see her relationship with St Vincent singer, Annie Clark, really blossoming too. There are rumours that the pair are engaged, but the fiercely private couple are unlikely to make any big celebrity announcements about it if they are. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been the easiest of months for Cara, because her new movie Suicide Squad isn’t going down well with critics. At least she has that exquisite bone structure and great hair to fall back on, eh?

We’re going to take a closer look at some of her finest hairstyle moments so far, in celebration of this kooky, down to earth babe.



The Space Buns Extraordinaire

We know that Cara is awfully fond of the retro nineties look, being a bit of a fitness fanatic and a tomboy as well. So, it is no surprise that she manages to rock the grungy space buns style better than anybody else. They are worn up high and with total confidence, so if you want to steal some of that Delevingne magic for yourself, you need to create plenty of length to work with. Hair extensions are useful for boosting volume and making sure that your cute space buns have height and make a dramatic statement. For a really retro vibe, team them with a crop top and harem pants.


The Glamorous Finger Wave

From the look of Hollywood over the last few months, the finger wave is definitely back on the agenda. This slightly twenties, slightly thirties ‘do is ideal for introducing bags of old school glamour to your tresses. Cara has kept hers fairly subtle, but these undulating finger waves are usually more pronounced. The trick to getting them right is to focus mainly on the bottom of the hair. You should be aiming for smooth, round curves, rather than curls or tousled waves. For this reason, rollers are a good idea. The ends should have the most pronounced curves and present plenty of body and bounce. Oh, and don’t forget to add lots of high shine gloss.



The BFF Braids

It’s always a laugh watching the most famous people on the planet goof around and forget to take their jobs seriously. Cara has a reputation for being a joker both on set and on the catwalk and we reckon she’d be great fun to go out dancing with. In this Instagram snap, she’s hanging out with fellow model Suki Waterhouse and the two are sporting neon blue Dutch braids. While it isn’t a look that you could wear to the office, every girl should experiment with bold colours when she gets the chance. So, pick up some clip in highlights and see if you can create a totally new look, by winding them into a French or Dutch braid.


The COD Slayer

You might remember our favourite supermodel popping up on a recent COD campaign, of all things. She’s rocking a kickass braided look and showing the world that lady gamers have just as much bravado and bluster as the boys. These four close braids are ideal then for any situation that requires a combination of style and practicality. So, you could sport a half braided, half updo like this one at the gym, at work, or on your evening run. It will quickly disguise unwashed or untidy extensions too. Braid half of your hair and then draw the rest up into a messy chignon or pony.

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