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Steal Her Style – Bryce Dallas Howard

As the daughter of legendary Hollywood film director Ron Howard, the chances were always on Bryce Dallas Howard doing something special. She is currently stealing the limelight as Claire Dearing in Jurassic World, but has also been seen in movies as diverse as The Village, 50/50, As You Like It, Book of Love, The Help, and Twilight.

With her trademark flame red tresses, sky high pins, and cat like eyes, Howard has a glamorous face but also a rather unique one. Her pale alabaster complexion and often dyed (dark) hair provide the perfect balance between soft and dramatic and this Hollywood beauty turns heads wherever she goes. Here at ClipHair, we want to celebrate her big role in the hottest blockbuster of the summer, by taking a look at a few of her best hair looks.

The Chocolate Brown Temptress

As Bryce Dallas Howard has naturally red hair and pale skin, if she decides to mix up her look with something darker, the results are always going to be dramatic. This style is a good example – she has dyed her hair a dark chocolate colour, but combined it with warm makeup so it doesn’t wash out her fair complexion. To steal her style, pick up one of our longer clip in extension pieces and curl it gently at the ends. In fact, the most flattering thing about this look is that it starts out gentle (almost straight) at the top, but gets wavier towards the ends.

img1 img2 img3

images via thehairstyler.com and lovethispic.com

The Side Swept Fringe

For this slightly more understated style, Bryce Dallas Howard has returned to her roots and embraced the vivacity of her natural hair. This look is demure and elegant, without being boring, because it frames her features perfectly. There is a slight roundness to the mid-lengths of her hair, even though it’s almost completely straight – this adds volume and body. With the addition of smoky eye makeup, a near nude lip, and a gently side swept fringe, she looks relaxed and gorgeous. You can steal this style by adding a shorter clip in extension piece beneath your natural hair, in order to get that fullness.

The Low Maintenance Bob

This ever so slightly tousled low maintenance bob ‘do is a favourite among celebrities, because it’s easy to perfect for a red carpet or awards event. If you have shorter hair and a fairly long face, this is a good choice because it gives the features a little extra roundness and softens any sharper edges. The way that this casual bob sits on her shoulders reminds us of how perfect her hair colour matches her skin too – and would you just look at those eyes. The side swept fringe finishes off the look by adding a touch of femininity and sophistication.

img4 img5 img6

images via thehairstyler.com and pinterest.com

The Don’t Mess With Me Bangs

As glamazon Claire Dearing in Jurassic World, Bryce Dallas Howard rocks high heels and a lab coat. She also manages to pull off a pretty dramatic bob and a poker straight set of bangs. This is a sleek look, but one which could’ve ended up being overly severe, if not for the slight curl at the ends to give her features that much needed touch of softness. With a perfectly styled fringe, ending just over the brows, this style queen continues to dazzle on red carpets all over the world. This is a ‘do that not everybody could pull off successfully, but we think that it looks great on Bryce.

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