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Steal her style: Beyonce Knowles edition

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Beyonce Knowles is one of the most recognisable people on the planet, selling out concert venues all over the world. I was lucky enough to see her perform years ago and she was spectacular. She really is an amazing performer and you cannot take your eyes off her. Her outfits and style is unashamedly glamorous and we love her for it. Today I want to share some if my favourite recent looks so you can steal her style #wearcliphair.


Embracing honey hues

Beyonce is not shy about changing up her hair colour.this is my absolute favourite colour on her. I love this honey hue because it looks great on everyone. There is such a gorgeous mixture of undertones and highlights that will bring your eyes and outfit to life. Having this balayage style means that you do not need to re-dye it every fortnight and that it will always look great. I think it is a definite must try colour of 2019.


High fashion style

Beyonce is showing off all of her style in this fashion shoot. Ruffled sleeves may not be your thing but the stylists have done something very clever here, focused your gaze. The outfit and earrings Beyonce is wearing are so loud and larger than life, you cannot have her hairstyle competing for attention. Instead her hairstyle is incredibly sleek. It has serum to help with this the style and is made into a simple 3 strand braid. We can all create this. It still looks modern and fresh and doesn’t take attention away from the outfit, which is meant o be the star of the show.



Mermaid waves

Beyonce has be rocking extra long hair recently and we have been seeing lots of waves and curls as well. She looks amazing in this long golden gown and her hair truly lives up to the outfit. Her hair is beautifully layered and brings her hip length mermaid waves to life. Where the braid was understated, this look rises to meet the glamor of her outfit. This long luscious hair would not be as impactful with thin locks so make sure you add your Cliphair extensions so help you gain that full bodied look.


Brilliant braids

These locks are gorgeous and can literally go with any outfit. Having such small, tight braids means that you can do so much more with your hair. You can leave them down and draw attention to the braids themselves or you can use these braids to create another style altogether. If you like colouring your hair or protecting your hair, this look is for you. I would suggest getting a pro or a very skilled friend to do this. It may take time but it is well worth it.


Katie O’Connor

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