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Celebrity Hair Transformations of 2021

Celebrity Hair Transformations of 2021

We are pretty much halfway through 2021, and we can’t help but wonder, where has the time gone?! Nonetheless, nothing quite shows us how much has changed more than our favourite celeb hair transformations. 

From big, bold chops and sexy, sleek bobs, to major dye jobs and long flowy extensions, these are our top 2021 celebrity hair transformations to give you all the inspo for your next salon appointment. And with us in the UK coming to a close end to Lockdown 3.0, it’s the perfect time to switch things up when it comes to our hair - whether you are thinking of going from black to blonde a’la Billie Eilish or opting for a whole different look with a pixie cut like Demi Lavato.

Demi Lavato - Dark Pixie Cut

If anyone has shown us how to start new beginnings it’s Demi Lavato. The former Disney sweetheart ditched her usual brunette waves for a bold pixie cut. We’ve seen the star reinvent herself with her hair over the past few months; from her blonde pixie to her pink bowl cut and now to this super chic dark pixie - which brings out her stunning facial features. If you are thinking of going short but not ready to go for the big chop yet, why not try the look with hair extensions instead? 

Billie Eilish - Platinum blonde look

Billie Eilish gave all of us a big surprise when she revealed her new platinum blonde locks. The pop star, known for her signature black (and lime green highlights) opted for a completely different style which (if we can say so) took her look from emo-pop to a ’50s inspired barbie look.

If you are looking for a huge colour transformation from black to blonde, then we recommend doing it gradually. Billie Eilish’s hairstylist revealed the transition took 6 weeks! And the pop star was wearing wigs for two months. However, if you can’t wait that long, then human hair clip in extensions could be the answer. Perhaps go for ombre hair extensions set with black roots (or closer to your natural hair), or balayage; as this will blend well into your hair. You can then gradually start to go lighter.

Kylie Jenner - Glorious Ultra Long Hair 

Is it really a celeb hair transformations list without the queen of hair, Miss Kylie Jenner herself? The KUWTK star showed off inches all the way past her waist earlier this month. Make like Kylie and don those inches with our ultra-long 26 inch Remy hair extensions. Our 26-inch human hair extensions come in all colours from blonde to jet black so you can truly channel these inches the way you like. 

Paris Hilton - Sleek Bob Cut

Paris Hilton showed off a super-chic, chin-length blonde bob earlier this year as she said goodbye to her long blonde locks we all know her in. This is one of our favourite looks and makes a perfect switch for a summer haircut. She also revealed this look was inspired by her glamorous campaign for Lanvin - so if you ever need confirmation that this is the IT hairstyle, then take cues from this fashion powerhouse!

Selena Gomez - Creamy Blonde Look

Billie Eilish isn’t the only one who switched from dark to light. Selena Gomez debuted a fresh creamy pale blonde colour, ditching her glossy brunette waves. The singer-actress, Just like Billie, Selena’s hair transformation took multiple processes, and apparently, it took eight hours to transform her look - so this is not for the faint-hearted! However, if you are looking to try this colour without committing to such a big change, then have a look at our range of blonde hair extensions.

Jessie J - Soft Fringe

Jessie J Gave herself a dramatic DIY haircut at home, and she posted it for us to see the process! The end result? A sharp chin-length bob with a soft fringe that perfectly frames her face. he singer also captioned she felt lighter - what better way to say goodbye to lockdown than a lighter chic look?

While Jessie’s DIY haircut worked out perfectly for her, we recommend going to the salon now that they’re open. And if you’re looking for a little inspo, then perhaps try a clip in fringe to give yourself a whole new look. Simply clip in and style to suit your look. The singer also captioned she felt lighter - what better way to say goodbye to lockdown than a lighter chic look?

Addison Rae - Vibrant Bronde Look

Addison Rae took to Instagram to reveal her golden blonde hair transformation. The TikTok star switched up her look from her go-to brunette locks, going lighter just in time for the 2021 Kids' Choice Awards and the coming warmer seasons. If you are a brunette considering going lighter, then take cue from Addison and opt for a bronde transition with soft balayage tips for a gorgeous hair transformation. 

Cara Delevingne - Honey Brown Brunette Shag

Earlier in February this year, Cara Delevingne showed off a new hairstyle, sporting the modern shag trend, while also trading in her blonde hair with a stunning honey-brown brunette shade.

 The model’s new shag haircut is a testament that this style is still trending this year just as much as it was in 2020. Besides, you can’t go wrong with this 70’s style; it’s chic, edgy and low maintenance! This is definitely a style to bookmark, and such an easy way to switch up your look. If you’re worried about thin hair then make sure you add some clip ins for that added texture, volume and depth.

Bella Hadid - Retro Highlights

It seems like the two-tone trend is still in this year, as Bella Hadid dyed the front strands of her hair fiery orange. If you're looking for a fun and easy way to change up your hair without too changing your own natural hair colour, then clip in highlights are the way to go. 

Will you be changing up your hair this year? Would you try any of these looks? Let us know, and don't forget to hashtag #WearCliphair on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to show off your new hair transformation hairstyles!

Now that you have seen our favourite celebrity hair transformations, why not take a peek at our hair extensions to add that extra length and volume to take your look to the next level. We've got a wide range of lengths and over 50 shades to choose from including our New Balayage colours! We've also got all the accessories and haircare products you need to apply and maintain them here. Whatever your after you will find it in our selection and remember if you need any help choosing the right ones for you feel free to ask an expert and use our FREE Colour Match and Advice service by clicking the button below

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