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Steal her style Ariel Winter edition

Ariel Winter AKA Alex Dunphry in the amazing American show Modern Family has been all over the internet this week after her bikini pics hit Instagram. Whatever you think about the picture itself a lot of the comments have been pretty harsh. She works hard at her job looks glamorous nearly permanently. So today I wanted to show you some of her best style looks (and stand up for her with a bit of female solidarity #yourbodyyourrules). These are not controversial but they are super glam and perfect for a weekend out. So keep reading so you can steal Ariel’s style.



One-sided glamour
This is not a look you can wear it every day. It is most certainly an evening look and takes time and preparation, perfection cannot be rushed. Create your parting before you start curling and tease the bit at the front just a little to gain height. This look is not for those of you that enjoy being a wallflower and ‘understated’ is your thing, this is not your look. If you want to add a little old-world Hollywood glamour to your Friday night steal Ariel’s style with this look.




Cute and versatile
I have to admit I am a little bit biased, I wear this style like all of the time. The reason I love it and I think it looks great on Ariel is because t is so easy looks great and I wear it from day to night. It is super easy to do and add texture to. Just make sure you have a thick layer of hair down the bottom and strands to pull out and frame your face. If you are worried that it will look to thin or lifeless quad or double weft extensions are the easiest way to vamp up this style.



Tussled and teased
Yes, more curls! Ariel is obsessed with them at the moment so I thought I should honour it. The trick to getting this look right is to start near and get messy. Yes add your texture spray but don’t tease your locks before you curl your hair. It is after your separate your curls that you can scrunch in your mouse and tease your waves with your fingers.


Night version of business
If this suit was cut a little higher or, in fact, had a blouse underneath it this look would be perfect for a day in the office. Whilst the outfit may not be daytime appropriate the hairstyle is perfect for whatever the day has to in store. This bun is actually closer to a honey or ballet bun than a messy bun but it has texture and wax in it to give it a less formal feel. My big tip for this look is to texture your hair first then pull out the strands you want to frame your face while your hair is still in a ponytail. So the rest of your bun will stay tight all day.



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