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Steal her style Amy Schumer

This is a funny, funny lady. I honestly defy any of you to look at her work and think it has so much truth wrapped in a mountain of humour. I know she has a lot of self-deprecating jokes but she is stunning and when she does go out on the red carpet she always looks fierce. Let’s check out her red carpet and casual looks so we can steal her style and feel pretty.



Side parting style

This is a wow dress for a lady with a big personality. We know she loves a bit, or even a lot, of attention and that is what this dress will do. A mix of coral and vibrant pink cannot be ignored so it is understandable that Amy opted for a more understated makeup and hair look. A simple pink lipgloss and light pink blush is all you need to support this outfit. If you have a bright outfit like this go low key with your hair and makeup this side parted natural look is perfect.



Casual high bun

This look is so simple but works brilliantly with both casual and fancy outfits. Amy looks super happy and chilled here and the high bun actually gives her outfit a bit of tailored style. Even if you are wearing the fanciest outfit it is easy to make your outfit smart casual.



The blushing bride

She looked so beautiful when she got married. I am in love with this look, it is elegant but totally modern without a veil. She has gone for a lovely flowing wedding gown and a romantic tussled hairstyle. It has curls, braids, twists and ponytail and honestly makes her wedding day look so spectacular. I bet she used more than a couple of hair extensions to make it so full and lovely.




The head turner

Well, these guys must not have their eyes open, this ponytail is fun and fab! Let’s face it ponytails are incredibly practical but it is often boring. The good news is you don’t have to do much to make them more fun. Scrunch some mousse in your hair then lightly curl it, you will hopefully get more attention then poor Amy has here.




Side swept up-do

Amy is clearly in love with a side parting. The back section can be twisted and pinned to your head or simply put into a bun but the thing you don’t want to lose is height.  Teasing your roots will give it a bit more style and allowing your deep side to sweep across without being too tight it key to finish pull out a few strands of hair near your temples and lightly curl them.


Thick french braid

If you are lucky enough to have lovely thick hair like Amy a french braid is your new best friend. It helps keep hair out of your face which, if you have thick or curly hair, can quickly make your hair feel like a curse and not a blessing. It looks lovely and works with any outfit.




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