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Steal her style Amy Poehler

We all like to complain about our parents but no one has parents are crazy as Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell in The House. This new film is hilarious and is a must watch. They are both the don of all parents and the most embarrassing people on earth after loosing their daughter’s university tuition money and starting an illegal casino in their basement. Hey it would be mortifying to find out your parents did that but at least they wouldn’t be boring. Let’s turn our attention to Amy Poehler. This woman is a comedy power house so it is only right we check out her style!





Lovely and side swept

this blue eyed babe is stunning with this soft side swept style. Simple and stylish it is easy to do and is perfect even if you aren’t at an awards ceremony like Amy. so if you want to create this yourself make sure you crest a lovely deep part and that your ponytail is thick. This look can easily go from fashionable to sleazy so quickly so thick luscious looking hair is key. Make sure you leave enough bulk to create that loose curl on your thicker side.





Amy’s Monroe Style

She is is so bronzed and platinum here and is channeling the fabulous style of the one and only Marilyn Monroe. Some of the time  Monroe was the seductress she has become infamous as but for most of the time she was much more natural with golden and pink hues, much like Amy here. Again Amy has opted for a side par with looks amazing with her loosely curled bob. It would be perfect in any occasion. Lets just hope it doesn’t rain.




A few extra strands

At this awards ceremony Amy is shimmering with her amazing beach blonde lock fashioned in a side bun. She looks great with a subtle two tone look and has had a little help with some wicked extensions to make her side bun look so full. There is no point going to the trouble of looking glamorous if it is too small to see. Be loud and be proud.




Real life ariel

Amy has gone for a massive change here. We are so use to her being a blonde that it is hard to imagine her as anything else but doesn’t she look incredible? She may have looked cute as a blonde but she has definitely turned up the sex appeal with her auburn locks. She has abandoned her usual side part to join the centre parting trend. A natural dirty blonde this shade is far closer too her natural shade than the platinum. It looks great and if you have a pink undertone skin and light eyes like Amy it is definitely a colour you should consider. She make be able to tell awesome jokes but she certainly doesn’t appear to be a joke with this style the loose waves, mid length style is so versatile and totally on trend. Go Amy!


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