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Steal her style Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone was the talk of the 90’s as Clueless’ Cher and set so many trends that we are seeing come back into fashion. It is fitting then that she is getting some much overdue film attention again in a new movie, Book Club. This blonde beauty is known for two things her animal rights activism and her gorgeous blonde locks. So today I am going to share with you some of her greatest style moment. Keep reading to steal her style.



Easy waves

This has got suck a laid-back vibe, from her pose to her outfit is feels like the perfect weekend out. This is perfect if you want to give your hair extensions a break and style your hair heatless. Brush mousse through wet hair and create two French braids. This style is easy to wear out and a picnic lunch is a perfect way to unwind and allow your braids to dry naturally. By the evening your hair will be dry reading to unravel and reveal stunning waves ready to spray and party with.



Living the high life

This style is 19040’s meets the Caribbean and I love it. This summer dress is transformed from an everyday barbecue outfit into something spectacular. Matching your accessories and lipstick with your dress is a great way of pulling the outfit together. For me, though, it is her hairstyle that makes this look special, so if you want to make a statement don’t be afraid to try by curls.



The stunning milkmaid

I think this look is severely underrated. Milkmaid looks are practical and look incredible. To make it more modern that I am seeing everywhere on Instagram is the textured milkmaid braids. This is super easy, just make sure you spritz and scrunch your hair before you put them into braids. The biggest killer I see for this look is thin, lifeless braids. Do what Alicia has done and add some hair extensions and pinch your braids a little to give them that extra volume.




Wet look wave

I love this style and Alicia is not the only one rocking this look recently. You could finish it off with a hairdryer but the best thing is, you don’t have to. Spritz your hair with water and brush through some gel. Make sure your scrunch your hair whilst it is still setting and you will get these stunning locks.







That 70’s look.

Oh, this is such amazing 70’s glamour. This makes sense given Alicia’s tv series. She looks amazing posing in her white wicker chair. Halter neck outfits were all the rage so you make sure you have your choker necklace and open toe heels to complete the look. Bright and dramatic makeup is not required because this look is all about the hair. Make sure you have the volume by teasing your crown and only curl the lower third of your hair, these are my big tips. A word of advice for this style, it will last so much longer if you use hair pins to help you secure the look, not just hairspray.








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