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Steal her style Alessandra Ambrosio

This Brazilian supermodel is definitely one to look up to in the fashion department. Not only is she famous for being a Victoria Secret model but she has a killer elegant style of her own. She is a total beach babe which is good to show off her incredible body and seems to fit in perfectly with her effortlessly stunning locks. Let’s check out how to emulate Alessandra Abrosio’s Victoria Secret look.

clip in hair extensions-right length

Get the right length

Victoria secrets loves their Brazilian beauties and models like Alessandra Abrosio and Adriana Lima are famous for their waist long luscious locks. If you are going for an edgy bob every day or your hair isn’t naturally as luscious as a superstar then do what Alessandra does a get your hands on some Remy hair extensions. If you have ombre hair extensions even better you will really get Alessandra’s hair colour down. You want to have a slightly off centre parting so keep that in mind before you put them in. Don’t worry about perfect blending at the moment.

clip in hair extensions-product

Prepare with product

This is perfect for second-day hair as you want a bit of natural bounce and natural sway to your hair and your dry shampoo will be perfect for helping you get that extra volume at your roots. Make sure you brush it through so it is your little secret.

clip in hair extensions-heat

Turn up the heat

Put in some heat protecting serum and brush it through because it is time to put the hair curlers on. A big tip I would give all of you is to spray extra on your ends because they are the driest part of your hair. Divide your hair in half and clip the top half out of the way. This will make it so much easier to make sure all of your hair is curled properly. I divided my hair into two-inch sections to curl because I want my curls to be big and loose if you want tighter curls to go for one-inch sections. Curl your section of hair away from your face to give it a wind and glamorous look. When you release the curl spritz it with hairspray straight away so the curl will hold before you move onto the next section. Once you have finished the bottom half move onto the top. You will want these curls to me slightly tighter so I divided my top half into two rows before I repeated the process from the bottom half.

clip in hair extensions-finishing-touches.png

The finishing touches

To finish off this lovely look it is pretty simple, you don’t need accessories or hair ties, just your fingers and a few products. Use your fingers to shape and place your curls where you want them before putting texturising salt spray to give it that lovely beachy textured look. I found the best way to work it in without destroying my curls was to scrunch it in. make sure baby hairs and flyaways are at bay by spraying some hairspray on your fingertips and running over your hair at your hairline then you are done.

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