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Steal Her Hairstyle – Rihanna

If you caught any gossip from the American Music Awards this week, you’ll know that one lady was conspicuous for her absence. Keen limelight stealer and all round Bad Gal, Rihanna didn’t show up to the glitz bash as expected. And it didn’t take long for people to start wondering if she was hiding from a rather high profile (and very recent) ex-boyfriend.

Yet, nobody seemed to be sure if RiRi and Drake were even dating when they were (allegedly) together. They kept telling us that they were just friends, but you’d have to be very close pals indeed to get as steamy as these guys did on stage. If it’s true that Drake is now romancing man trap extraordinaire Taylor Swift, we’re not surprised that Rihanna skipped the party.

It must be some consolation to know that, even with the wildest dreads we’ve seen in ages, Rihanna still manages to look incredible. She’s had her fair share of quirky hair moments, so let’s take a look at what her tresses have been up to lately.

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The Slicked Back Dior Girl

While Drake has been pouring his little heart out to T-Swizzle, Rihanna has been working like crazy. She’s currently in the middle of filming for the TV show Bates Motel and she’s been stomping runways all over the world. The songstress featured in a recent Dior show and wore her long, luscious extensions all the way down her back, like a true glamazon. If you’ve got the confidence in your face to pull this one off, create a dead centre parting and slick straightened hair back with leave in conditioner.

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The Morning after the Party

Rihanna is fantastic at going from party girl to casual, down to earth chic. She does it with fashion and she can do it with her hair just as easily. Check out this soft, low maintenance style that could be worn the morning after you slick your tresses back for a glitzy party. If you’ve gone for the wet look the evening before, it is best to wash and blow dry your locks in the morning. Don’t go crazy with the styling tools, though; keep things simple and natural by blow drying the hair straight. Use a dollop of frizz taming balm to lock in all that smoothness.

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The Sci-Fi Warrior

While the response to her Star Trek theme song, Sledgehammer, was actually pretty lukewarm, we couldn’t get enough of the quirky fashion and hairstyles on show in the video. It isn’t a bad song, but it’s a bit forgettable and the crazy costumes are the highlight. Rihanna is dressed as some sort of futuristic alien warrior, complete with face markings and a monk-like robe. Her hairstyle is just a bit awesome though and is a great look to copy if you’re bored of the same festive ‘dos. Swap the spiky, vertical pony for a spacey bun, if you’d rather tone it down a little.

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The Ultimate Ponytail

Rihanna seems to be able to make all kinds of unusual hairstyles look like they were made for her. On the other hand, she wears simple and elegant very well too. This super, ultra, extra-long ponytail is all about the extensions and she knows how to work them. Steal the style for yourself using long hair extensions that you can find. You want that supermodel pony to have some serious swish by the time that you’re finished. Keep it slick, tight, and smooth at the front – use tiny dabs of gel to tame little flyaway hairs.

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