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Steal Her Hairstyle – Lily Collins

When it comes to the subject of eyebrows and, well, eyebrow fashion (yes, there is such a thing), there’s always one name that comes to mind – Cara Delevigne. The quirky supermodel has been credited with bringing back the bushy brow, but it looks like she might have some competition. It was revealed, this week, that Mirror Mirror actress Lily Collins has a Twitter account dedicated to her big brows!

The porcelain faced star used to be self-conscious about her pale skin and dark hair, but recent comparisons to Audrey Hepburn have helped her realise that it’s important to embrace your unique features. We think that Lily Collins is gorgeous – a lot prettier than her crooner dad, anyway – and she has all kinds of hairstyle moments that’ll make you sigh with envy.

So, let’s take a closer look at a few of the finest. And, we’ll give you some tips on how to steal them too.

A photo posted by Lily Collins (@lilyjcollins) on

The Rooftop Scrambler

Just recently Lily Collins has been dancing on the rooftops of Paris shooting for Lancôme. She has the perfect ‘do for such adventures as well, particularly when it’s hot and sticky, as it often is in Europe at the end of summer. This light, choppy bob makes such a style statement because it isn’t neat and flawless. It’s a lot like Lily herself; edgy, textured, and not afraid to break the rules. The actress has chosen to wear her tresses short for a long while now, but we’ve also spotted times when she’s gone back to a longer look, so we know that she can get hooked up with some sweet hair extensions when needed.

A photo posted by Lily Collins (@lilyjcollins) on

The Longer Haired Lovely

Just like in this pic, taken before she left the UK for New York and a new role. Here, the actress is rocking the autumnal look, with a slightly reddish tint to her dark hair and a textured, choppy cut. The feathered cut is a good choice for Collins, because she has quite fine and diminutive features. Girls with a face like hers don’t always suit heavy, angular haircuts, as they can swamp the features. The best way to replicate this one is to straighten your tresses first and then rub sculpting wax into the roots with your fingertips. As you do so, gently lift and tousle the hair to get that ruffled vibe.

A photo posted by Lily Collins (@lilyjcollins) on

The Scarlet Woman

For a little while, Lily chose to go scarlet and looked even more autumnal than usual. This is a girl with a dual American and British nationality, who mostly spends her time stateside, but she’s got a real love for the UK countryside. She posts lots of blustery pics in the park, with windswept hair and always looks fabulous. Red is a colour that tends to get popular around wintertime, because it is warm and inviting. It’s a shade that works just as well in carefully arranged splashes of colour too. So, if you’re not sure about a complete dye job, you could always experiment with clip in highlight extensions and create a quirky, cool effect.

A photo posted by Lily Collins (@lilyjcollins) on

The Wonder Bob

And, when she’s done with the hair extensions and the bright colours, Lily always seems to come back to her signature look – the bob. And we can’t blame her, because it works wonderfully with those delicate cheekbones. This style is a little messier and more punk than usual, but it is ideal for a red carpet event (or a party, in our case). The swept over strands are a cool touch and the textured cut gives the style extra dimension and interest. This look can be sported with longer tresses too, but the trick is to really lift the roots and introduce as much volume and body as possible.

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