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Steal Her Hairstyle – Demi Lovato

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Saucy Twilight star Bella Thorne has revealed that she’s set her thoroughly bisexual sights on two popular musicians this week. The red head has the hots for Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato. It’s hard to argue with her really; they both look like they’d be amazingly good fun to hang out with and they’ve got body confidence for days.

Although, if we had an army of dedicated stylists, maybe we’d spend all day posting nude selfies on Instagram as well. If there’s one lady who knows just how important it is to feel comfortable in your own skin, it’s Demi Lovato. The outspoken star hasn’t always been so happy with her looks. She spent some time in rehab, in order to recover from an eating disorder and now does all that she can to celebrate healthy, happy female bodies.

The singer and actress recently dyed her signature jet black locks a gorgeous shade of blonde and she’s been lighting up red carpets for weeks. Let’s take a close at some of her other memorable hairstyle moments.

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The Pamela Anderson

We’ve always known Demi as a dark haired chick, so the change has been quite dramatic. We love the tone of blonde that she’s chosen too. Rather than going for an edgy ice blonde, as people may have predicted, she’s embraced something richer and warmer. The cut is really important here too, because she has such strong, angular features. The curve of those eighties blond bombshell curls are just perfect, as they add softness to her cheekbones and distinctive jawbone. You can get away with going over the top with this style, so relish the chance to wear your longest, more glamorous hair extensions.

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The Lady with the Lob

We have a sneaking suspicion that this kind of asymmetric bob could make a comeback soon. It suits the winter weather, because it’s unfussy and keeps the hair neat and close to the face. It can also be worn by girls with longer locks, unlike some of the more pixie crops and bobs. If you’ve got a naturally round face, we recommend that you try a haircut that is slightly longer at the front. It will visually pull your features downwards and help you lose some of the dreaded ‘baby faced’ vibe that can come with having a fuller complexion.

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The Wet Look

If you currently have quite short hair, as Demi used to, you probably appreciate getting the chance to mix things up from time to time. After all, you’ve got a right to be changeable. One morning you might wake up and fancy a windmill-able Queen Bey braid. The morning after, a sultry, sexy crop could feel like a better idea. This is why clip in extensions are so fantastic. You can, literally, make the decision to completely change your hair and within 10-15 minutes it’s done. For an insatiable look without your extensions, get generous with the hair gel and slick those tresses right back.

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The Queen in Her Prime

There is, of course, always the option to throw caution to the wind and pull out all the stops with your hairstyle. We definitely recommend it as the festive season draws near actually. There’s nothing quite like looking in the mirror after an hour of preening and thinking ‘Yeah, I’d rock the red carpet at the Grammy Awards’ just as hard as Demi. For that softly tumbling, tousled look, curl gently with irons and scrunch the hair with your hands afterwards. This will lock in extra texture, especially if you also apply a high quality sea salt spray.

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