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Spring eating for hair health

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

We always hear eat more fruit and vegetables and eating things that are grown locally so that it is full of as many nutrients as possible. Those of you who are big foodies or nutritionally savvy know locally grown food is best and as we are in a country that loves its mini food patches in the garden and amazing farmlands. If you are a hamburger lover, sorry this one is not for you! Yes we can wear our clip ins they definitely help looking gorgeous but if you want fabulous hair all the time these foods are your new best friends this Spring!



You know how your Mum always nagged you to eat your greens? We hate to say it but she was right! Spinach is one of the best greens (and any colour vegetable for that matter) you can have. As it is so rich and fibre, iron, zinc and many more vitamins and minerals, is it any wonder it tops our list of hair friendly vegetables. Is it any wonder that some of the world’s nations with thick haired people have such high spinach diets? If you want strong healthy hair zinc and iron are a must! If you don’t have them you may find you start loosing your hair easily. That is not a look we want, so throw your spinach in a pan with olive oil and garlic or mix it in with your favourite meal, we don’t care how you have it, just have it!

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Spring onions

Incase the name didn’t already give you a massive clue spring onions are British grown and ready for eat, you guessed it, in spring. These bad boys aren’t just for on top of your stir fry either, with such a light, fresh taste it is hard not to like them in curries and salads too. They aren’t just yummy though, but, like spinach, are a wonderful source of Zinc and Iron as well as Biotin. If you want your hair to grow these guys are your friends. Thats not even their best aid either. Many people go prematurely grey from stress these days (sad but true), if natural grey is not your thing ward off the grey hairs with your spring onions.



Do you struggle with a dry, flakey scalp? British grown cucumbers can help. Not only does it flush toxins out of your body and keep you hydrated when you eat it but it makes a fabulous scalp hydrating mask when crushed into a paste. We have all heard on putting cucumber slices on our eyes for extra hydration, is a homemade cucumber hydrating mask really such a big step? You might as well have fun and make the most of it- wear them in your hair and on your eyes, whilst sipping on cucumber infused water. If only there was someone totally stunning ready and willing to give us a massage too. Hey we suggested the cucumbers the rest is up to you.


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