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Some of the worst things you can do to your hair

It was shocking when I was a teenager guys, like literally appalling. I’m not even that old when I was a tween we didn’t have straighteners guys so the only way to straighten my hair was to iron it. It was terrible! There was non-hair protect and burnt hair was not unusual in the early days. So I am sure we all have our embarrassing hair stories and I would love to hear some of yours. Today we are going to talk about some of the things that we do that are terrible for your hair. If you do them, please don’t feel bad some of them I didn’t realise some of them were as bad as they are.

clip in hair extensions-worst-things-adapting-change

Not adapting to hair change

We all know that in evolution it is the species that adapts that survives in terms of your hair it is the people that adapt keep looking fab. Listening to your body when it comes to health is as important as noticing your hair’s changes. This applies to change of season sometimes but is particularly important when it comes to massive changes you make to your hair. So if you dye or add a lot of heat to your hair for the first time thinking you will be able to keep the same shampoo and conditioner is a massive mistake. Change your products according to your hair changes and you will continue to look great.

clip in hair extensions-worst-things-perms


This may seem incredibly 80’s but perms are becoming popular again (and not just with your gran). For those of you lovely ladies that have poker straight hair you may have bouncy curly locks on your wish list but I have to tell you guys, if you want those curls to be healthy you are not going to get them with a perm. The sad thing about this as well is that it doesn’t even work on all hair, it is mainly only suitable if you have short, layered hair. If you like to colour your hair, for example, or have weaker locks it is not likely to work. If you are absolutely set on getting a perm ask a hairdresser if your hair is suitable and what style of curl you would like. If you want something that isn’t going to damage your hair with harsh chemicals try going for something less permanent. Volume is easily achieved with wavy clip ins hair extensions or tape ins hair extensions and lightly curling your own hair. It is not permanent but at least you can change your style up and have healthy locks.

clip in hair extensions-worst-things-keratin-killer

The keratin killer

Arh keratin this was all the rave in the early naughties and I have to admit I was massively tempted but I am so so glad I didn’t know. I know our hair naturally has keratin but this level of saturation and intense treatment is not cheap. There are some lower cost treatments available but from what I hear you get what you pay for.  It only lasts a couple of months on average so you really need to weigh up if the cost is worth it. If you are not someone who straightens your hair every day it is way more damaging, not lovely. This treatment can be extremely temperamental and can easily be destroyed so you will need to get special hair care products that you will probably set you back a bit more as well. Not ideal when you are Christmas shopping.

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