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The Best Beach Wave Hair Styles

At least once a year, most of us gaze longingly into the mirror and wish we could perfect that romantic, tousled beach look that the celebs seem to find so simple. Every time that Jessica Alba or Jourdan Dunn steps out with flawless boho curls, the pain gets a little deeper. Yes, that’s right, it hurts not to be able to turn those frizzy curls into sleek and sultry waves; not as much as following The OC actress Mischa Barton on Twitter lately, but you get the idea.

There is a solution, however. In fact, there are four of them. Whether you have poker straight, super curly, gently wavy, or even chemically relaxed tresses, there is a way for you to create gorgeous, tumbling beach style waves. Eat your heart out Selena Gomez; we’re coming to topple your beach babe crown.

For Wavy Tresses

Girls who have slightly wavy hair are already sitting on the basis of great beach waves, so they should count themselves lucky. If you have very thin hair though, it’s best to bulk up the length and volume with hair extensions. These are easy to wear and they’ll give you that full and bouncy foundation. For waves in a matter of minutes, apply a curl cream and then tie your locks up into a loose bun. Leave the solution to work its magic, then unleash your new curls. You might have to touch up any bits that are still flat with a curling iron.

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For Straight Hair

To introduce those relaxed waves into perfectly straight hair, you need to wash it first of all. Then, let it dry completely (without heat) and liberally apply a texturising spray. With a medium sized curling iron, style small pieces of hair (around two inches) at a time. The trick is to curl directly around the iron, instead of upwards and along the length, as you might do any other time. You shouldn’t be afraid to miss small sections or curl a little roughly, because these beach waves are all about being natural and carefree.

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For the Curly Girls

It can feel a little counterproductive to fully straighten curly hair, before introducing waves and twists again. However, it is the only effective way to eliminate frizz and start from a sleek base. If you plan to wash your hair first, have a broad round brush and a blow dryer on hand. Brushing while you blow will help to keep your locks as silky and straight as possible. Also, if you spritz with a high quality anti-frizz serum, you won’t have to worry about the summer humidity causing problems. You can lounge on the beach or at the park, for as long as you like, and your hair will stay perfect.

For Relaxed/Artificially Straightened Locks

If your hair has already been artificially straightened, it is really important that you use protective creams and sprays when you style with heated tools. Otherwise, your locks may become damaged and start to look unhealthy. With a curling iron, wrap small sections of hair around the barrel – once again, keep them loose, but stick to the front end. Your aim should be to create defined waves, but not tight, corkscrew curls. And, don’t forget the hairspray; spritzing natural hair and your hair extensions with plenty of firm hold spray is a great way to make sure that the volume lasts all day.

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