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#healthyhair – How to Protect Your Hair in Summer

When it comes to stresses and strains, we tend to think of winter as being the most hazardous time for hair. This is pretty accurate too, because the harsh weather can wreak havoc on lengths and ends. It’s not the only time that your hair needs special treatment though. The summertime can be just as much of a grind for follicles, because the air is dry and the sun is relentless (unless you live in the UK of course).

If you want your locks to stay healthy and happy, all year round, you need to take care of them. This means using the right products, avoiding long periods in direct sunlight, and styling in ways that won’t contribute to existing damage. And, if you wear clip in extensions, you’ve got to attach them correctly, so that you never end up putting too much of a strain on the follicles. Wearing hair extensions only leads to damage if there isn’t enough hair to support the grips.

Keep reading for more handy hints and tips on how to keep your hair looking fabulous all summer long.

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Keep It Covered

While you don’t have to spend all of your time worrying about the effects of the sun, if you do know that you’re going to be in direct sunlight for a long time, carry a hat or scarf with you. Too much UV will really dry out your tresses and your scalp will grow scratchy and rough too. Plus, a hat is a great way to minimise wind damage as well. If Queen Bey can make the oversized hat look fabulous, so can you.

Favour Looser Styles

If your hair is already dry from the summer heat, it won’t thank you for drawing it up into super tight ponytails and buns. Where possible, try to keep your updos loose and relaxed; ballerina buns, messy chignons, and low slung ponytails are all great for this. They give definition and control, but they also allow the hair and any clip in hair extensions to breathe. For a low maintenance look, secure your tresses in a loose French braid and wear with confidence.

Dare to Go Dirty

Lots of girls baulk at the idea of not washing their hair every day, but studies have now shown that we all wash far too often. It strips the hair of essential oils and actually causes it to become dirtier, over time. It reacts to the loss of natural oil by demanding that the body produce more and this leads to greasy locks. And, then you wash more and the whole cycle repeats. It intensified in the summer when the follicles are at their driest, so don’t wash too often.

Detangle Using Your Fingers

It is always best to get rid of knots and tangles in your extensions with nothing but fingers. Applying too much force with a brush can cause damage and make it harder for the clip in pieces to stay secure in future. If you are going to use a tool for detangling, make it a thin, fine toothed comb. And avoid combing while the hair is wet, because the follicles are more vulnerable to damage and are prone to breaking.

Reduce Exposure to Heat

This can be another tricky piece of advice for hair conscious girls to stick to, but it is an essential one. Heat based styling is bad for the health of hair, no matter what the season, but it is particularly destructive in summer, because it contributes to existing stresses and strains. So, where possible, try to restrict your curling and straightening; leave at least one or two days in the week for a natural, no heat look.


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