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#hairgoals How to Fit Hair Extensions to Short Hair

We all know that the right pixie cut or short crop can look stunningly beautiful – Jennifer Lawrence wowed for years with hers! And now, we’ve got a new Queen of Sass in Game of Thrones uber villain, Cersei Lannister. Yes, she may be a psychopathic tyrant, but you’ve got to admit that she’s really rocking that new ‘do. The mischievous Miley Cyrus is another big fan of the pixie cut; she may be growing it out now, but it was her trademark look for a long time.

In fact, there are scores of supermodels, actresses, and singers who have proved that short hair can be every bit as feminine as long, flowing locks. The only problem for most girls is commitment. Just because Anne Hathaway has the dedication to go for the chop and stick with it, doesn’t mean we’re all so steely. Most of us want the freedom to change our minds and switch things up a little, which is why hair extensions are so useful.

If you’ve got a pixie, bob, or lob of your own, but you’d like to flirt with longer styles, read our guide to wearing clip in hair extensions with short hair:

Step One: Picking the Right Extensions

First things first; hair extensions are the best choice for short haired ladies, because they are attached beneath the upper layers. This makes them much easier to hide than things like tape in or glue extensions. However, it is trickier to blend colours and find a perfect match when you’ve only got a little bit of existing length of work with. For this reason, we would recommend 18 inch hair extensions as the shorter the extensions, the easier they will be to disguise and the less they will pull on your own hair.

Step Two: Styling to Blend and Disguise

The reality is that you’ll find it harder to blend and disguise if you have a very blunt cut. It’s not impossible though, so have patience and spend some time in front of the mirror getting it just right. If you’re having trouble, it can help to actively cut and style the extensions so that they better match the shape and arrangement of your own hair. Just make sure that the seams or grips are securely fastened along that horizontal divide, from one ear to the other.

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Step Three: Adding a Few Fancy Flourishes

Once attached, start styling, as you usually would. Focus on the areas that are most conspicuous, because careful blending will reduce this and bring your natural hair and extensions together. Straight hair has a lot less to hide seams with than curls, so keep this in mind. Even gentle, romantic waves can be a great way to disguise the joins and create a flawless look. Plus, actively styling the hair, at the same time, will encourage it to move and stick together as it would naturally.

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Step Four: Finishing with a Sparkle

Finally, just remember that, if all else fails, and you get stuck with a dodgy spot that won’t blend correctly, you can always disguise it with a cute accessory. There are all kinds of things to choose from; barrettes, glittering slides, Beyonce style head wraps, vintage hair brooches, and more. The possibilities are endless when it comes to jazzing up your hair, which is why it’s always so much fun!

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