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Hairstyles Inspiration from Glastonbury Festival 2016



It is official, the music festival season is here! With Adele, Cyndi Lauper and Ellie Goulding we were not disappointed. Of course we don’t just love the festival scene for the amazing music but we also pick up some incredible styling tips as we go. This year we have seen some beautiful classical styles as well as some funky 90’s throwback styles.


Jess Glynne




Jess Glynne, what can we say she is an absolute show stopper! Her look is such a blast from the past. She rocked the 90’s throwback with the full hair and bright clothes. I thinks we cans see which 90’s icon she has gotten inspiration from. The two mini buns on their heads is so much fun and makes

her stand out. I love how she has updated this 90’s look by adding volume. For those for shorter hair, simply pop in your Auburn Cliphair’s extensions, krimp them slightly and you are ready to rock the Glynne look.






Now there is only one way to describe this superstar, incredible powerhouse. I am not ashamed to say that I have a total girl crush on this fabulous performer. She is my favourite artist not only because of her extraordinary talent and down to earth personality but she owns her style. She makes classy look easy with her black outfits and eyelashes and she seems to know exactly what hair tones suit her and never has a hair out of place (I wish I could say the same for myself on this Monday morning). She has gone slightly lighter and slightly darker over the years, but at this year’s Glasto she was rocking a subtle strawberry blonde shade with a shoulder length do. Notice how she has side parted her look and curled back the edges to show off her fabulously high cheekbone, absolutely gorgeous.


Ellie Goulding


Ellie Goulding hairstyle at glastonbury festival

This blonde bombshell sung her heart out on Sunday evening and boy was she worth seeing. The ‘Love me like you do’ singer has stuck to her beautiful light blonde look (although I highly suspect this is not her natural colour). This was a wise choice, not only does it brake up her black and grey outfit wonderfully but it compliments her complexion so well. Note to you fair skinned, brown eyed beauties. Blonde is your friend. Try it for the rest of the festival season.

So if you did miss the live festival this year don’t sweat. There is plenty of coverage online and boasting from your friends to fill you in on all of the best bits. These show stoppers have shown us how fun and classic are the ways forward this season so make it yourself and go out and rock it. In case you feel like you miss the crowds and atmosphere check out the awesome picture below and pretend you were at the Pyramid Stage yourself!



Live, Posed & Atmosphere from Glastonbury 2011
Live, Posed & Atmosphere from Glastonbury 2011

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