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Wear Your Hair like Zoe Saldana

The lovely Zoe Saldana is set to light up our screens again soon as Lt. Uhuru in the next instalment of the Star Trek franchise. So, she’s been hitting up red carpets and press junkets for some time now, in order to get fans excited about the release of the movie. The build-up has been a notably sombre affair, due to the sudden death of co-star Anton Yelchin, but it hasn’t stopped positive reviews from rolling in already.

The Guardians of the Galaxy actress does have cause to celebrate, however, because her Italian husband has just been made a US citizen. The two have been making journalists blush on the red carpet with some serious PDA, but we’ll let them off, because the couple is clearly delighted with the news. This is certainly one star who has a lot to smile about and we’re pretty sure that her hair is part of that list. Saldana always manages to have the glossiest, shiniest locks and she does it with two little babies to run around after – she really is a superhero.

So, let’s take a closer look at some of her finest hairstyles and find out how you can create them for yourself using Cliphair hair extensions.

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The Bun and Braid Combo

The combination of bun and braid isn’t all that unusual, but this style is quite unique. Saldana has a long and luscious French braid that is actually twisted round and back out of the bun itself. It creates a seamless, flawless look and she wears it well, because her strong features suit a similarly well defined ‘do. It wouldn’t quite work though if she didn’t have all of that length to play with, so if you want to steal the style, use hair extensions to expand your own locks. Keep the braid quite tight and chunky and slick your hair back from your forehead. You could wear a fringe, but it might end up looking a little too ‘busy.’

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The Classic Red Carpet Updo

For something a little more timeless and classic, try this simple updo. Whether you prefer a chignon or a bun, drawing the hair back into a basic style can be all you need sometimes, especially if your outfit is leading the way. The most glamorous celebs in the world understand that it isn’t always about fancy, fussy hairstyles. So, take a leaf out of their book and let your face do the talking. As long as you secure your bun tight, it should stay in place all evening. Spritz it with firm hold hairspray to give it an even better structure and firmness. For a little bit of extra bling, add a glitzy slide or hair accessory.

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The Casual Side Braid

It’s always nice to see off duty celebs with low maintenance ‘dos just like the rest of us wear when we’re not at work. Saldana would, of course, never look anything less than gorgeous even if she rolled out of bed and headed straight for the studio. However, we still appreciate this super casual barely there side braid. It’s a look that can be put together in minutes and you don’t have to worry about whether it loses shape during the day, because that messy, unstructured vibe only adds to its charm. If you don’t have time to wash your hair extensions in the morning, stick your hair in a side braid and feel cool and confident anyway.

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The Enterprise Queen

We couldn’t talk about Zoe Saldana without mentioning one of her most iconic roles to date. As Lt. Uhuru in the most recent Star Trek reboot, the actress is fierce, smart, and capable of commanding a room. Her relationship with Spock gives the franchise a lot of depth and warmth and we can’t wait to see where the two take their interstellar romance next. We’ve also got mad love for her signature Uhuru pony, which is slicked back and super long. Wear yours high and add hair extensions for volume. If you backcomb the front a little, you’ll get that ever so slight Uhuru quiff.

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