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Short hair looks


Wearing extensions is not always about gaining longer locks. The last few years have seen a growing trend in women wearing them just for the extra body, especially if you are rocking a bob. The styles I am going to show you today are brill for you that are rocking shorter locks. They keep your hair out of your face and look super cute for your back to school photos. So if you want to see some of my favourite Pinterest inspired short hair back to school looks, keep watching this step-by-step tutorial.


Stacked waterfall braids

waterfall braids are beautiful and so easy to do on shoulder length hair. This can be done on wet or dry hair but I always think it looks better on newly washed locks. After you have added your hair extensions and create a shallow centre part. Choose which half of your hair you want to create your braids and separate an inch section on that side near your hairline. Split it into three and cross the top right section over the middle then the left over the middle. Now you have created your first cross you are going continue this process heading backwards, just make sure you add strands from underneath as you go.

The next row you will drop the top section and pick up a section behind it instead to cross over. On the next row drop the bottom section and add a section from the top. Continue with a regular 3 strand braid when you get to your ear and secure it with a clear hair tie at the end. Tug on the braid so that it looks fuller before you take another section below the first braid and create another braid.

Make sure you incorporate the sections that you dropped from your first braid. If you want to make it more intricate pin the end of your two waterfall braids together and twist the three strand braids around each other.


Gathered twists

I don’t mind this look being a little messy, think it is one of those styles that can be quite a romantic look. Pop your hair extensions in and add some heat protecting serum to your locks. Unlike the previous look this is not a heatless look, so grab your curling iron now. You don’t want to create super tight curls but make them big and tight, to begin with, and pin them until they cool.

Give it about 10 minutes and spritz some hairspray on before you let your curls down and you run your fingers through them. Half your hair and gather it into a half up, half down style. Secure the top half with a clear hair tie and create a gap just above it. Loop the ponytail up and through the gap. Gather a section of hair from behind your ears, including the end of the first one, and repeat. You are going to do this one final time at the nape of your neck.

Katie O’Connor

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