Are you ready to add a touch of colour in your life? Funky hair colours might be just what you’re looking for. Colourful, playful, youthful, and just the right amount of sass: let’s explore this bright range of human hair extensions that will step up your hair game like nothing else. 

1. Funky Coloured Hair Extensions: All About Rainbow Hair! (back to index)

The fascination with funky hair colours is fairly recent in terms of history of hair and hair dye: from cool metallic additions to your mane, such as silver or rose gold, to the mermaid-style hair colours: purple, turquoise and blue. What is your funky shade, and how can you incorporate crazy colours in your hair? Let’s find out together.

2. Funky Coloured Hair Extensions: Availability (back to index)

You can now get crazy funky hair extensions within our range of:

  • Tape-In Hair Extensions
  • Remy Clip-In Human Hair Extensions
  • Clip-In Fringe Hair Piece
  • Double Weft Full Head Clip-In Hair Extensions
  • Double Drawn Weave
  • Nano Ring Hair Extensions

This means that you can play around with these shades, mixing and matching with your natural mane, or perhaps opting for a product that allows you to switch things up more dramatically - such as a set of clip-in bangs!

But let’s move onto who wears these shades, and how do they look in real life?

3. Funky Coloured Hair Extensions: Celebrity Colour Match (back to index)

Did you think that only punk musicians and goth girlfriends had been seduced by crazy coloured hair? Think again. There are many celebrities out there that gave it a go, with incredible results. A few examples? Avril Lavigne and her hot pink strands, Katy Perry’s blue curls, Rihanna’s bright red, and Kylie Jenner’s love for pastel tresses.

4. Funky Coloured Hair Extensions: The Perfect Hairstyles (back to index)

There are many ways that you can wear your hair extensions in, and colourful shades in general do work really well with braided hairstyles, curls, and waves, for example. Let’s see three hairstyles that will bring your crazy hair to life like no one else!

Mermaid Waves

Mermaid waves are the perfect look for when you want to appear effortlessly put together; it’s a playful, flirty, yet classy hairstyle that keeps on giving (even when summer is over)! Perfect for a day out brunching with the girls, or a dancing night full of shenanigans. You can either bring your natural mermaid curls to life with a sea-salt spray for some serious texture, or play around with a hair waver. Want to know more? Check out our blog on how to get mermaid hair.

oval face shape, round face shape, square face shape

Love this look? Make it yours with our blue hair extensions.

Curly Ponytail

Low, textured and fierce - the curly ponytail sits low on the nape of your neck and lays long on your back, or perhaps over one of your shoulders. It’s the perfect hairstyle for those that are not afraid of showing off a particular makeup or accessories, such as a big pair of earrings. Colourful hair extensions will help you achieve an edgy ponytail that blends in with the natural colour of your roots!

Pro tip: if you skipped a washing day for one reason or another, a cheeky ponytail is a perfect hairstyle to style your hair even if it's a little greasy!

Perfect for: diamond face shape, heart face shape, oval face shape

Dutch Braids

Usually, braids are the perfect hairstyle for blonde shades, or even mixed colours with highlights and lowlights that create texture and movement in your hair. Dutch braids make a versatile, glamorous hairstyle for people with a few coloured streaks in their tresses as they are naturally standing out on your head thanks to their volume and the braiding technique itself. Add some of the small pieces of your funky-coloured clip-in hair extensions before braiding to add pops of colour. Dutch braids teamed with rainbow shades are the perfect festival hairstyle.

Perfect for: oval face shape, round face shape

Want to try this aesthetic? Grab your set of pink hair extensions.

5. Funky Coloured Hair Extensions: Trends (back to index)

Crazy colours in your hair can add a touch of magic, edge, and otherworldly glamour to any hairstyle you decide to try. Guaranteed, you will feel (and look) unstoppable. When it comes to trends, it’s hard to know if they’re going to work out well on our hair, especially if we recently changed our hair colour, length and/or style. Luckily, some of the latest trends have been quite generous and are seemingly sticking around too.

Glass Hair

Nothing beats the glass hair trend on long, silky, tresses. Ask Kylie Jenner! Whether you’re applying just a few coloured streaks in your mane or going full-on crazy colours, keeping it simple will go a long way. I have talked more in detail about this trend and how to achieve it on our previous blog: Friday On Trend: What Is Glass Hair And How To Get It.

Baby Braids

Think of that iconic Y2K inspired photoset Doja Cat had not too long ago! Baby braids are just one of the many 90s and early 00s hairstyles that have recently made a comeback. Just like back in the days, baby braids can be incorporated in your mane to add accessories, such as hair jewels, and add volume. 

Space Buns

When it comes to how to put your hair up and make the most of your coloured tresses, nothing beats a good old pair of space buns. Just like Gwen Stefani and her blue hair era in the late 90s, funky-coloured space buns went viral a few years ago when Tumblr fashion was everything.

6. Funky Coloured Hair Extensions: Who Can Wear It? (back to index)

This is always the one million dollars question: technically, the answer I would love to always give is “everyone can wear whatever they want”. Which is true, to an extent.

Although with some hair colours it’s important to check your skin undertone first, a few colourful strands added to your hair don’t have any special requirements of the sort. Instead, anyone can enjoy adding a dash of brightness with a crazy colour! If you’re unsure, check out our blog: How To Choose A New Hair Colour.

7. Conclusion: (back to index)

Edgy, fun, bright and playful: what’s not to love about crazy-coloured hair? Although some shades might need a bit more TLC than others (check out our blog about How To Keep Red Hair From Fading, for example), adding a touch of rainbow in your natural tresses can be exactly what you were missing to reach your ultimate hair goals!

Recreate this gorgeous look with our bright red hair extensions!

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