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Paint the town pink- hot new colours and how to dye your extensions

I am so excited to share this with you guys today! There has been some serious hair colour styling I have seen around town this week and it looks amazing! I am so massively happy to announce the hottest colour of the month is pink. This is coming from a girl who is not a big fan of stereotypical girly colours but these are truly artistic.  This makes it easy to grab a casual top or a black jacket and make it look incredible. So keep reading to check out this month’s hot looks and how to dye your extensions safely.

clip in hair extensions-starburst

It is all about the starburst

Yes, we love sweet things from people to the actual sweets (especially at this time of the year) so it is no surprise that we have seen so many style fab people going with a starburst look. It is no surprise that most people’s favourite colour is the one with the red rapper (which is actually pink). This is a stunning mix of light blonde and two shades of pink. With multiple colours and shades, this is perfect for going on a night out. You will turn heads for sure but make sure that you don’t wear a fancy outfit and full on makeup. You want your hair to be the star of the show. If I was going to dye my hair and the hair extensions myself I would start with my hair. As I have dark hair I would have to bleach my hair then dye it the starburst pink. The easiest thing to do to blend the blonde in perfect is do your multi shades only on your clip in extensions. You will be able to interweave it with your natural hair easily if you curl your hair. By essentially painting dye into your hair extensions with a dye brush you will get more accuracy. This will be really easy to do if you have light blonde clip in extensions but you with have to bleach your extensions and give them a deep treatment if you have dark hair extensions.

clip in hair extensions-salmon-hair

Salmon hair, don’t care

Salmon is not just a type of slimy fish but it is an incredible pastel tone of pink. I have seen this as an all over colour which is lovely, especially if it is warm where you live at the moment. My favourite version (or blend) of this ombre. This colour is much deeper and more vibrant than the pastel pink shades balayaged all over the place during spring. This makes it so more noticeable and stunning when ombre. You can start from a pink ombre base and add your salmon colour. This may seem a bit odd to suggest but by having a pink base like the pink ombre clip in extensions so it will mean you like to have to use less dye yourself which means less mess and saved money. If you want to dye your own hair you will need to lighten your hair underneath first.

I hope you enjoy going, pink guys. Don’t forget to post your stunning Cliphair moments in Instagram, they are awesome!

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