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Oh no I found a grey hair!

Oh no I found a grey hair!

The first grey hair is something every woman hopes never to find. It is something that we dread and instantly makes us feel old. This is something that I can totally relate to but also realise how ridiculous this phobia is. I mean, we all know we are one day older than we were yesterday so this is going to happen eventually. I don’t even think this is a phobia about age itself I think we panic because this is something we can’t control, and as humans, we love to control things. In a year that has made dying your hair grey a hit, it is time to found out about our greys, how to treat and style them and how to be proud.


Melanin is a girl’s best friend

What we refer to as a ‘grey’ hair isn’t actually grey. From a distance, they look white and when you are examining them to within an inch of their lives, they are yellow. This seems odd but the truth is it doesn’t have a colour at all and that is thanks to melanin. Melanin is the thing that causes your hair to be a different colour like brunette or red but when your hair doesn’t have enough melanin is comes out as colourless or ‘grey’. Your genetics has some contribution as to when this happens (thank you parents) but really it is down to your melanin. Melanin has been a big buzzword recently, as has keratin. Keratin is the protein that is part of your hair and helps to make it strong. It is actually yellow so if you think your grey hair looks yellow, it probably does.


How can I prevent greys?

The short answer is, you can’t forever. This doesn’t mean you should feel hopeless. I am a big fan of prevention rather than reaction and some of these are fairly simple. Stress is a huge part of premature greying. If you lead a particularly stressful life make sure you take some you time when your brain doesn’t have to be engaged and you can re-cooperate. This can include: yoga, having a bath and meditation. Having your ABCs is important too. Nourishing your hair with vitamin, particularly vitamin B, will keep your locks healthy and help prevent premature greying.


How to work with your greys

You have two options really conceal them or embrace them. There is no wrong option it is your body, your rules. If you are opting to conceal your greys, then you have a couple of options. You can dye your hair. This will not be the same as dying coloured hair (brunette, red etc) so I would use more natural dyes. Hair extensions are grey as well, they make your hair look rich and make greys harder to find. If you are choosing to embrace your greys treat them how you would a highlighted streak and show them off. This could be how you place them in styles and maintenance care.


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