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New year, new you! Why you should put hair extensions in your hair

Authored By Katie O' Connor

Happy New Year, whatever you think about last year it is a whole new one so let’s get on it. Beauty is one of the easiest ways to make yourself look and feel great! We all know makeup is one of the first things that we try as kids but it isn’t the only thing what we get a lot a praise about. Last year was the year of the hair extensions and this year is going to be even bigger. If you haven’t tried Cliphair extensions yet get your hands on them and here is why:

1.Healthy looking locks



We never think of thin, dull hair as being healthy. Think about it. You see a shampoo commercial, the people look happy because their hair is smooth, shiny and full. What you don’t see is that a lot of the people in those ads are getting a little help from hair extensions. So if you want the healthy looking hair, grab your hair extensions.

2.Variety in hairstyles




we all like to spice things up in our lives and keep things interesting, well hair extensions are your best friend. Bobs were all the rage last year and whether you want to continue with your bob or want to grow it out they can be limiting to your styling. If you want to shake things up for the night or want to change a look more permanently get your extensions in.

3.Damage free hair extensions



that’s right extensions cause very little damage to your hair but can save you so much hair stress. We love dying our hair especially silver and dirty blonde, which are set to be the hottest colours. If you are in love with ombre or balayage then extensions are the way to save your hair from a lot of heartaches by adding hair extensions that are dyed instead of your own hair.

4.Extra long hair



It isn’t just for growing out an old hairstyle but actually just having your hair longer than it is healthy to grow naturally. Extra long locks were everywhere last year and with the 90s themed trend sticking around it is going to continue to be on trend. For most of us if you grow your hair for too long it develops split ends and becomes weak without a trim. This is where your extensions can be added to help lengthen your locks without causing them to look bad.

5.Value for money


Let’s face it when we splash the cash we want a good return, that is just smart. This is also true for your hair extensions. 30 years ago people may have only had the option of getting synthetic dry extensions but don’t set for anything less than Remy human hair extensions in your life. At Cliphair we are so proud that all of our extensions are made with Remy human hair and we have so many types of extensions you are guaranteed to find the one that is perfect for you.


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