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Meghan’s hottest hairstyles from her royal tour


From actress to royalty, this story is one that we don’t want to end. She has always been super classy and we saw that as she jet set around the world on her first big royal tour. Before we go into her style, we should say a massive congratulations to Meghan and Harry on the announcement of Meghan’s pregnancy. It can’t be easy travelling with morning sickness but you don’t see any of that. Today we are going to go through some of her most stunning styles so you can get inspiration for your autumn looks. #wearcliphair.


Standard straight style

Off the plane (or should I say private jet) from the UK to Australia, Meghan looks incredible. She has always favoured the centre parted look and it looks great on her. I am a massive fan of centre parted looks too as they help make your face look more symmetrical. If you’re going to have straight locks like Meghan does here, make sure you add some volume at the roots. With a little teasing and/or dry shampoo.



Poised and powerful

She looks incredibly elegant and ready for attention in Sydney. This look is so similar to her wedding hairstyle and, of course, looks great on her. It goes to prove that this style is great today, evening or even to a work event. The key to this style is to create a low drop bun. But don’t include the sections from the front until the very end.

This means that you will have extra volume and height at the front and the end will look lovely draped over your bun at the end.


The royal half up style

This is your regular half up- half down style but with a royal level of sophistication. Meghan has kept her trademark centre parting for this style and emphasised her crown. If you are thinking of recreating this at home I would suggest adding hair extensions, at least around your crown area. This will stop you losing all your length when you backcomb that area for extra height. It is also such a nice wave she has going on, they are extremely manicured so opt for big curls, heat protecting serum and don’t run your fingers through your hair too much to mirror this style. Even the face-framing strands we all love has the royal seal of approval.



The beach party style

The famous Bondi beach was one of the locations that the Royal couple visited and you could definitely feel the holiday beach vibes. I am not too sure if they temporarily thought they were in Hawaii with the lays around their necks but we love their happy newlywed spirit. The hairstyle that Meghan is rocking is quite similar to the low bun. Instead of the bun, it is a mid-height ponytail but the front sections are the last to be incorporated and are wrapped around the ponytail base.



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