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Looks to show off your ombre hair

Ombre hair looks incredible but requires a bit of an investment and TLC so why would you not want to show it off to its best. Boring hairstyles just won’t cut it, after all the purpose of turning your hair ombre in the first place is to show it off and have a bit of fun. Today we are going to look at styles that are brilliant at drawing attention to your colourful locks. Some help to create layers, other add texture so if you want inspiration to show off your ombre locks check out these step by step looks.



A high bun

love your colour contrast? This is the style for you to show off your ombre locks. This is perfect for the woman who wants to dance and party the night away as it is structured and stays put really well.  Brush your locks so they look smooth and lovely if you want a little shine or moisture on where you have dyed your locks. Gather your hair in a high ponytail, making sure that the bottom is as smooth as the top.  Spritz the front of your hair with some strong hold hairspray so you can combat any flyaways. You can use your fingers but I find an old toothbrush does a much better job. get your hair doughnut or if you don’t have one a sock you have cut the top off. Place your doughnut at the base of your ponytail and split your ponytail in two. Flip your front section over the front of the doughnut so your hair is evenly spread out around the doughnut. Get your hair tie and go over this to form your bun. The hair that is left over you can start wrapping around the base and pinning.



The ombre headband

braided headbands are an incredible way of showing off your layers and dealing with troublesome fridges and flyaways. When I have my ombre hair extensions in I love to wear my hair down and show off some colourful curls. After putting them in I add a serum and curl my hair all over from my eye level down. You can do it from the root but I want my braids to be the focus up there. Take a one-inch section from behind your left ear and create a basic three-strand braid to the end of your hair. Secure it with a clear hair tie and tug on the sections so they look lovely and full. Separate some face-framing strands then drape your braid across and pin it behind your right ear. Don’t be shy with your hairpins. Take a smaller section of hair behind your left ear and secure it down the bottom. You can pinch the sections of this one a little but it is meant to be intricate in comparison to the larger, fuller braid. Drape the small braid over the big one and pin to secure.

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