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Look out here come the XXL locks!

In the club and bars of central London on Saturday night there was no doubt that the chill in the air was not going to stop groups of friends going out and it was definitely not going to stop them looking their best. With pictures being taken galore and women were lining up to use the loo mirrors to re-perfect your makeup and your hair. The fact is that even if your makeup looks stunning if your hair doesn’t look good you will look messy and underminds your beautifully made up face. None of us have time for that! One of the hottest styles was the extra long and straight look. So check out these tips for getting this hot look and keeping it looking awesome all night long!


Eat your hair long

 So we all know we can’t go from having a bob to hip length locks overnight (without putting in your clipin extensions that is) but there are some things we can do to achieve a longer mane. We have all heard of the phrase you are what you eat. Some foods like chips and white grain carbs (pasta and bread) actually make your hair weaker and less likely to grow. So ditch them and swap to the browns for a few months and keep up the greens. Your hair and your waistline will thank you!


Length from the roots

 Roots are the super important and are often forgotten because we cannot see them. The issue is that if we allow our roots get weak they will not be able to support long hair and will ultimately leave your hair look limp and lifeless. So the first step to create a lovely long haired look is to work on your scalp and roots. We recommend using a highly nourishing hair treatment once or twice a week. Things that are low in chemicals but bring out the vibrance in your hair is essential. Most good hair masks can be massaged into your scalp and applied to your hair without leaving it oily. Generally leaving it in for five to ten minutes is the best way to get the best results.


When to go straight

 If you have naturally straight hair this is a brilliant look for you! You will spend far less time straightening and therefore ruining your hair. If you have naturally wavy or curling hair the least heat possible is the aim. So put on your heat protecting serum and straighten your hair as much as possible whilst blowdrying. Straighteners should only really be used for second day hair or if you have that odd strand that just won’t straighten whilst blowdrying.


Final touches

This is simple for this look as we are keeping our locks loose, the important thing is to go over your hair with a toothbrush with serum on it to keep your fly aways. The trick is to only add a little so you get a health shine and fly away control without your hair looking oily. Then to keep that mane straight lightly spritz with alcohol free hair spray. Simple, effective and leaves you with a hair style to be envied.

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