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#Longhairdontcare This Week’s Best Instagram Hair Pics

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

There’s a very interesting titbit of celebrity news doing the rounds this week. Apparently, Twilight alum and all round moody girl Kristen Stewart is now dating St Vincent; the very recent ex-girlfriend of Cara Delevingne. If this comes as surprise to you, don’t worry – we’re shocked too. It only seems like two minutes since Cara and her long term squeeze were thinking about wedding plans. This year really does have it in for celebrity couples.

It is cool to see stars like Kristen Stewart, Ellen Page, and Miley Cyrus talking so candidly about same sex relationships. Miley has just revealed that her first love was a chick and the great thing is that nobody seems to think it’s such a big deal. Love is love, no matter what shape it comes in, right? And if you look as drop dead gorgeous as Cara and St Vincent did, who’s going to argue with your right to a PDA?

Just check out our pick of the finest hairstyles on Instagram this week for a reminder that, whatever they’re doing, whoever they’re smooching, women are badass!

A photo posted by St. Vincent (@st_vincent) on

The Porcelain Girl

The debate around black hair continues to rage on at the moment. If you haven’t heard the new single from Solange, give it a listen. It might help you understand why it has been such a big issue this year. Despite the drama, the world is coming round to the idea that are no ‘rules’ for how you should and shouldn’t style your tresses. This lovely lady is a good example of how a completely oppositional look (ice blonde hair) can be striking, edgy, and very ‘high fashion.’

The Beehive Braid

This next style is quite dramatic as well, but in a different way. It combines two looks – the beehive and the chain braid to create a hairstyle worthy of any glitzy party or formal function. The bigger you want to go with your ‘do, the more length you need to play with. So, short haired gals will find this difficult unless they boost their own locks with some hair extensions. You can style both at the same time, or you build the beehive and use a clip in ponytail for the braid. This method kind of splits up the work and makes putting it together a bit simpler.

The Mammoth Fishtail

A big beehive isn’t the only thing you can do with your extensions though, because this Instagram diva has created the ultimate fishtail braid. It is really long, but quite loose as well, which is only possible with naturally long hair or extensions. We’d recommend getting a friend to help you with this one or practicing in front of the mirror. It can be tricky to get all of the sections looking even and balanced on either side. Don’t forget to braid it into your scalp at the top or it will feel overly heavy.

A photo posted by @stilisy_mo on

The Star Instagram Model

As far as autumn hairstyles go, you can’t get much better than this super cool charcoal ‘do. We were pretty sure that the grey hair trend was on the way out, but this is its revival, we’re back on the bandwagon. It has a subtle hint of sexiness, which is curious considering it is about four hairstyles combined. It works though, because the different textures are perfectly contrasted. The straight, blunt fringe holds the curly sides together and gives the hairstyle a sultry supply teacher-cum-space age look. Although, if there are any teachers reading; just know that this ‘do might get you sent to the principal’s office for being too fabulous.

A photo posted by ???? THANKS ???? (@i_peinados) on

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