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#longhairdontcare This Week’s Best Instagram Hair Pics

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

The weekend has finally made an appearance once again and everybody is still talking about the end of the presidential debates in America. The country is getting very close to making its biggest decision in an age and the rest of the world can only hope that it’s the right one. The run up to the election has been pretty negative, in all regards, so we want to focus on some of the lighter moments.

For instance, did you know that Donald Trump had Twitter in hysterics last night after inexplicably blaming ‘bad ombres’ for a litany of problems? Just a quick glance at Instagram now gives you a hundred different memes about the Don and his aversion to poorly dyed hairstyles. And did you see the FOTUS at her last big appearance with Barack – that lady is on fire and her hair is incredible just lately.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the finest hairstyle moments on Instagram this week, with a little bit of a nod to the crazy of current events.

This Ain’t No Bad Ombre

We’re pretty sure that if the Donald were to implement extreme vetting for ‘bad ombres,’ this rather fine hairstyle would get a pass. It’s a bit different to how we usually see it on sleek celebs like Olivia Wilde and Natalie Portman, because the colours are so rich and warm. There are reds and oranges in here, even though they’re very subtle. The result is a gorgeous, autumnal vibe, which we think is perfect for the season. If you are going to attempt an ombre dye job, take care with how you lighten the ends. The roots and top lengths need to stay dark.

A photo posted by The New York Times (@nytimes) on

The Finest First Lady

Michelle Obama can’t do any wrong right now and it’s not difficult to see why ordinary voters find her pretty mesmerising. She’s not only a very real looking women, with curves and an attainable, low maintenance look, she’s also an amazing role model. It helps, in our opinion, that she has great hair too. This image was being touted as inspiration all over Instagram recently, because just check out the shine and vitality on her barnet. And that undulating side sweep is straight out of salon look book. It’s a simple ‘do, but a classy and sophisticated one.

A photo posted by Suzan (@fashionlover_suz) on

Repping the Bleach Blonde Curls

This Instagram diva has gone for a bigger, bolder look with big and bouncy curls. We like this kind of hairstyle at ClipHair, because it’s a perfect match for hair extensions. Curls help the pieces to blend in naturally with the rest of your hair and, let’s be honest, they look super sultry. To dye your hair this kind of ashy blonde colour and have it look as lovely as it does here, you need to be using high quality conditioning products. Bleaching hair such a light tone can cause it to go a little brassy, but there are all kinds of great shampoos that counteract this.

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Pancake Sister from another Mister

If you are your BFF want to try matching ‘dos this winter, why not experiment with the pancake braid. It is really simple to do and it’ll only take you ten minutes in the morning; a little longer, if you’re not great with fiddly styles. The pancake braid is a regular braid – French, Dutch, fishtail, whatever you like – but with the sections gently pulled outwards so that they look flatter and fatter. It is a hugely popular style right now and it has been all over the winter catwalks. So, get it right and you’ll be a true style maven, with tresses that match your ambition.

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