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#Longhairdontcare – The Best Pics on Instagram This Week

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It seems like every week there’s another crazy rumour doing the rounds about Taylor Swift. This deceptively sweet looking star has managed to anger half of the music industry and half of the movie scene too, with her unpredictable antics this summer. Whether she’s snaking on Kanye West, kissing up a storm with Tom Hiddlestone, or skewering exes like burgers on a barbeque; T-Swizzle is never far from the headlines.

This week, there are whispers that she might have had a sneaky boob job. And, former squeeze Calvin Harris hit the Twittersphere in brutal fashion to call out her decision to expose one of his biggest songs. For a long time, there were suggestions that Taylor may have penned the track This Is What You Came For. But, it isn’t until now – after their breakup – that she has confirmed her contribution.

We hope that you’re having a much calmer week than the Bad Blood singer, because this Pop Queen looks like she’s on track for a bumpy year. Let’s take a look at some of the finest hairstyles from Instagram this week.

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Hippie Headbands and More

Or, if you prefer something a little glitzier, you can really jazz up your look with a bohemian hairband. The festival season is in full swing right now and girls everywhere are digging out their favourite hair accessories and going full on Vanessa Hudgens, at Coachella. For a super contemporary and cool look, make sure that your headband is worn fairly low and you get that little bit of bounce and volume up top. Don’t forget your clip in hair extensions either, because this festival favourite looks best when worn with very long, flowing locks.

Heavy Bangs and Dreamy Waves

This heavy, retro look is a very popular one, because it has that distinct sixties appeal. It works best for girls with quite thick hair, but you can always add clip in extensions if you need extra volume. The trick is to leave your tresses looking as natural as possible, so you get that bohemian wave. But, you also don’t want things to get too wild or unruly. It might be a better idea to straighten your locks first – particularly if they are very curly – and then use rollers or your fingers to introduce some gentle, undulating curves.
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Minimalist Accessories

We talked, earlier this week, about actress Kate Bosworth and her penchant for funky, quirky hair accessories. Check out this cool minimalistic slide. It is ideal for adding extra interest and style to a simple bun, because it is unique, without being overly sparkly or feminine. This makes it perfect for less formal occasions like afternoon lunches, shopping trips, and weekdays at the office; anytime when you need to wear your hair in a practical way, but don’t want it to be mundane or boring.

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