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#longhairdontcare The Best Hair Pics on Instagram This Week

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Like everybody else, we’ve been having a whale of a time keeping up with the drama over at the West house this week. To be fair, Kim and Kanye are just being, well Kim and Kanye. He talks too much and wifey has to step in and fix the ensuing conflict. What we really can’t believe is how many other celebrities – people who have nothing to do with the Taylor vs. Kanye spat – have been diving into the fray.

This beef is taking out relationships faster than Usain Bolt after four espressos! Just look at Chloe Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham. The Kickass star, unwisely perhaps, muscled into the debate and criticised all involved, which earned her a tongue lashing from Khloe Kardashian. Then, in an even weirder move, Brooklyn posted a pic of himself in a Kanye West jacket, which Chloe then promptly demanded he remove.

While we love a bit of celeb drama, we’re relieved to see that our Instagram girls are only sporting ???? fire hairdos this week, rather than burning bridges, Hollywood style.

A photo posted by UT| |16 (@chloemckell) on

Flame Haired Vixen

Speaking of fire check out this rather beautiful ombre style. The warm, almost orange tone that moves through the lengths is really quite something. It creates a striking contrast between the much darker top section and the lighter bottom. We love that she’s gone for something that isn’t a light blonde as well, because ombre highlights can be really diverse is you’re bold enough to try quirky colour combinations. There is quite a lot of length here and, if you want to try it, you might find it easier if you dye your hair extensions too. The extra hair gives you more space to create that all important transition between the two tones.

A photo posted by Taylor Kathleen (@tknhair) on

A Streak of Purple

This style is a little different, though it also makes use of bold colours. We’ve actually never seen hair dyed in this characteristic way before. Instead of a subtle transition or picked out highlights, one broad section of hair has been coloured to create a kind of ‘paint’ effect. It is a little bit space age and, somehow, a little hippified too. It has a casualness to it, as if somebody has, literally, painted her tresses. It isn’t a style that will suit everybody, but it is unique and could be a good way for dye phobic gals to experiment with colour. With this one, the trick is to apply the dye lightly only to the top section of hair; it doesn’t matter if the underside remains.

A photo posted by Essish (@essish16) on

Kylie Jenner Eat Your Heart Out

This total babe is rocking a hairstyle that Kylie Jenner would be proud to steal. It’s a long bob, but it has a wonderful, defined shape, so it frames her face instead of just hanging around it. This is really important when it comes to ‘lob’ looks, because they are right in the middle of pixie cuts, classic bobs, and much longer styles. There’s too much length for them to have the natural structure of a pixie crop, so the cut must be a strong one. Once you’ve got that right, half the battle is won. You can introduce some casual curls with a pair or irons, spritz with hairspray, and you’re ready to start the day.

Faking the All Natural Look

If you’re not interested in fancy styles or dye jobs and just want beautiful, long hair, you can always let your clip in extensions speak for themselves. There is no harm in faking it – every celeb who has ever walked a red carpet has done so at some point – and you’ll find that clip in pieces are extremely low maintenance. Plus, if you take good care of them and learn how to style them properly, alongside your actual hair, you’ll be treated to lovely, glossy lengths like this lady has here. The length that you extend your hair to is entirely up to you; the sky (or rather, your bum is the limit).

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