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#longhairdontcare The Best Hair Pics on Instagram This Week

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

The festival season is in full swing and it will soon be time for that stalwart of the scene, Leeds and Reading. And, with everybody from Foals to Fetty Wap, Fall Out Boy, Imagine Dragons, and Biffy Clyro on the bill, it is set to be a weekend to remember. If you are heading down to either of the festivals this year, you’ll need some great ways to keep your hair looking fabulous.

As we all know, the facilities at festivals aren’t great – let’s not even get started on the toilets – so practical, low maintenance ‘dos are essential. One of the best places to look for inspiration is Instagram, because there are plenty of amazing ideas to be found among its most stylish and creative ladies.

We’re going to take a peek at some of the finest Instragam hairdos of the week. So, buckle up and get ready to make notes about your favourites.

Going Green with Envy

If you’re a big fan of colourful hair dyes, you’ll love this beautiful emerald green shade. Our favourite part of this look is the fact that the fringe has been dyed too, but only halfway, to create an edgy two tone style. It is ideal for a festival, because these events are all about losing yourself in the moment and the mood. You might usually be the shy one in the office, but at a festival, you can reinvent yourself. Plus, you don’t even have to go for a permanent dye; you could always use a wash out or semi-permanent product.

A photo posted by Olcay Güneş (@olcaymakas) on

Kim Basinger in the House

For a more classic look – one to rival Ellie Goulding, in her finest garb – use hair extensions to take your own tresses to the max. For a festival, you do want to keep things fairly simple, so relaxed waves is probably the best choice. Even better, tousled curls like these are really easy to create by sleeping with your hair in a pony or bun. When you get up in the morning, unleash your hair and you’ll have a naturally wavy style. Add vintage sunnies and a band tee and you are ready for anything. Oh, don’t forget your hairspray, because it give you some much needed hold throughout the day.

A photo posted by Laura S (@hairby_ls) on


Ponytails Forever

Everybody knows that the pony is a festival staple. In fact, it is perfect for almost any occasion, except for meeting the Queen perhaps. With a ponytail, you can keep your hair away from your face, stop people in crowds from tugging on it, and you’ll stay cool in hot weather. If all of that weren’t enough, a high ponytail like this one takes just minutes to put together. For that supermodel vibe, wear it up high and wrap the hair around the base to lift and hold it. This will be much easier with clip in extensions, because you can wind them around as many times as needed for that secure style.

Pastel Party Hair

You can look super glamorous at festivals without putting too much work into styling. Check out this awfully pretty and rather retro ‘seashell’ roll. It is a little bit vintage, which makes it unique and interesting. You’ll need to draw all of your hair into a side sweep pony, but don’t secure it or grip it; just twist and roll it to one side. This style is actually easier to create and keep if you insert a small roller underneath the twist. The hair is curled over the roller and arranged into a kind of seashell shape, until you can’t see that it is there. Use strong slides or hair grips to make sure that this retro curl does not spring lose when you least expect it.

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