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#longhairdontcare The Best Hair Pics on Instagram This Week

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

We’re rapidly approaching the end of the 2016 Olympic Games and there have been so many emotional, dramatic, and ‘what the hell’ moments that it will be strange when everything goes back to normal. In the last few days, a mystery surrounding the alleged robbery of three US swimmers has only gotten murkier, so not everyone is destined for a smooth finale.

You can’t argue with the performance put in by the ladies this time around though. The list of amazing female athletes is endless and, even though there have been a few sexist controversies, the coverage has been mostly wonderful. For Great Britain Jess Ennis, Laura Trott, Jade Jones, Nicola Adams and more have been dominating, impressing, and charming the Rio crowds – as well as walking off with a tonne of medals.

If the Olympics does one thing really well, it is inspire others to push harder and try new things. We’re thrilled to see so many female athletes competing in 2016 and it makes us wonder if any of our Instagram girls are going to go on to achieve similar things. At the very least, they can be proud of having magnificent hair.


Blake Lively Lookalike-y

This gorgeous girl has more than a little bit of Blake Lively in her, especially if you look at promo pics for upcoming film The Shallows. She’s certainly owning that laid back, beach hair vibe that Hollywood divas seem to love. This is a relaxed and casual ‘do and it is worn in a way that combines practicality and bohemian style. It shows that you don’t have to worry about obsessively touching up roots, because they actually add a sunkissed aesthetic. If you want to wear hair extensions on the beach, it’s best to treat them with a protective spray first.

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Braid Sisters for Life

Or, you could keep them secure and protected in a double braid like these lovely ladies. They’re wearing matching double French braids, which is irresistibly cute. This is a great idea for anybody who likes to share styles with their bestie or sister. You will need a lot of length to copy this intricate ‘do, because it starts right at the top of the head, rather than being braided halfway down. So, to maintain all of that luscious length, you’re advised to use clip in hair extensions. That way, you can leave a soft, loose end on each one, Pocahontas style.


Sunny Day Bun and Braid Combo

On a hot day, when you want your hair to look good but feel lighter, you can draw half of it up into a midway bun or chignon. This will leave the rest loose and curly, tousled, or poker straight, depending on how you prefer to wear it. With hair extensions, you won’t lose out on the length either, but do make sure to position the bun over the seams. It doesn’t have to be super tight, because a relaxed and slightly messy vibe complements this one. You can even leave some of the shorter, softer strands to drape over your ears.

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Natural Hair is Beautiful Hair

This week, we talked about the actress Zendaya and how an inconsiderate comment about her hair sparked a media frenzy. Now, black women are familiar with their tresses being used as social commentary; in 2016, it still makes headlines when black stars wear their hair naturally, instead of relying on weaves. So, it’s really pleasing to see the tide and the mood changing somewhat. With mega celebrities like Beyonce, Amandla Stenberg, Zendaya, and Jada Pinkett Smith leading the charge, big and beautiful hairstyles like this one are making it back into the mainstream.

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