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#longhairdontcare The Best Hair Pics On Instagram This Week

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

This weekend, it’s time for the VMA Awards. And, news has travelled fast about Kanye West and his unrestricted, unlimited ‘no rules’ platform. Last year, he ranted for more than 10 minutes and finished up with a promise to run for President. So, you can see why music fans are already holding their breath for this one.

The romance between Justin Bieber and Sophia Richie is also hotting up quickly, with photographers following them around almost constantly for the chance of a salacious shot. We wonder what Papa Lionel thinks about all of this. And, whether or not she’ll be on his arm at the VMAs. The just turned 18-year old has certainly got the hair for it; she’s a whirlwind of glam hair extensions and show stopping styles.

She’d have to work hard to put our Instagram ladies in the shade, however, because they’ve been on point this week.

The Purple Haze

We talk a lot about dye jobs and crazy colours here at ClipHair, because there’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when you dive head first into a big change. This gorgeously feminine lilac and platinum combination is a great example of how dye jobs can be both dramatic and subtle. It starts out traditionally dark at the top, with deep and rich purple tones and it progressively lightens until it reaches a white shade. This gives it a depth and warmth that a block purple dye job would struggle to find. And, of course, the defined curls only add to its softness and girly appeal.

The Barely There Braid

The best thing about braids is that they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. You can wear them with long tresses, with lobs, with curls, and with poker straight locks. They can be Dutch, French, doubled up, moving backwards, and pretty much any other style that you can think of. In fact, braids are easily one of the most versatile hairstyles around. This lovely lady has enhanced her short crop with just the hint of a loose waterfall braid. We really love this idea, because it would work wonderfully as part of much longer styles and half up, half down hairdos.

A photo posted by liane_create (@liane_create) on

The Bombshell Bangs

For an easy way to squeeze as much drama out of your clip in hair extensions as you can, use the extra length to bulk out your natural hair, so you can save more for your fringe. Girls with longer, thinner faces really benefit from big, chunky bangs, because they increase the overall softness and roundness of the features. The trick to getting it right is to make sure that your fringe is even and all of the same length. If you’re going to cut it yourself, do it while you’re wearing your hair extensions, so that you can match the length and shape to the general look of your longer, lusher locks.

The Bum Skimmer

If you’re one of those girls who has extremely long locks, you’re probably advised to cut them at least once every week. Well, the good news is that as long as your hair is reasonably healthy and the lengths aren’t damaged, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with growing out your tresses; even if the plan is to grow them out until they reach your butt. This Instagram diva is rocking knee length curls and they look awesome. You really do have to take extra special care of such long hair, however, so do consider this. You could replicate the look, without the added styling and maintenance, with high quality clip in hair extensions.

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