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#longhairdontcare The Best Hair Pics on Instagram This Week

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The start of September 2016 has been an exciting time for music fans. Not only did Frank Ocean finally drop a new album (technically, two), but Kanye West also debuted a brand new single at the VMA Awards. Yeezy used his four minute spotlight to introduce another pretty erotic and rather strange video. Just the mention of a woman turning into a cat should be enough to entice even casual Kanye fans to check it out.

He wasn’t the biggest star of the night though, because Queen Bey was in town and she always puts on a show. The diva performed a medley of songs from her hit album Lemonade and audiences all around the world were entranced. We also got another look at the famous Final Five (or four, in this case) Olympic gymnasts. The US gold medallists were missing teammate Gabby Douglas, but they still looked fiercer and finer than ever.

So, that’s the news from this week. What about the best hairstyles though? Can our Instagram gals give the divas at the VMA Awards a run for their money?

Braids, N, Buns, N Beauty

We fell instantly in love with this gorgeous, if rather intricate, hairstyle. It’s kind of like three different looks in one, but they work well together, because they’re not too tightly bunched up and the hair doesn’t seem overly busy. It starts with a chunky French braid that is wound right around the head in a crown formation. However, instead of being braided until the ends, it has been left loose to feed into a twisted chignon. If that all sounds a little fussy, you’d be right. This is a beautiful hairstyle, but it’s probably best left for a summer wedding or a prom night, because it requires a great deal of patience and a steady hand.

Taking It Slow with a Topknot

As an alternative then, here is a style that you definitely can throw together without too much fiddling. It’s a classic look that requires the hair to be split into a top and a bottom section. For this reason, if you like to wear clip in hair extensions, you need to attach them first and then arrange a layer of hair over the top, as a way to hide the seams. The divide can be quite high up, so this shouldn’t be too tricky really. Wind the top half into a loose topknot or twisted bun and leave the bottom half wavy and natural. If your tresses are completely straight, curling irons are a quick and easy way to introduce relaxed curls.

The Longest Hair on the Beach

There are all kinds of reasons why growing hair out to this length is a bit of a pain. For one thing, it takes forever to style. And, it costs an awful lot when it comes to products. It’s also hard to keep tresses healthy and minimise splitting when the lengths are this extreme. In short, it takes a lot of work and most girls are too busy for it. Fortunately, being a cheater definitely works in this situation. Rather than waiting forever to grow your natural hair out, pick up some super long hair extensions and revel in the fact that nobody will be able to tell the difference

Waterfall Braiding Like a Pro

Last week, we taught you how to waterfall braid. Now, it’s time for you to start practicing. This lovely example is a horizontal waterfall braid and it’s created by starting at one side of the head and moving around until you reach the other side (level with your ear) and clip it securely in place. If you want to add interest and texture to an otherwise plain cut or style, this is a great way to do it. It looks complicated, but the technique is no harder than your run of the mill three section French or Dutch braid. The difference is that you’re slotting a vertical section of hair in between the strands, at even intervals.

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