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#longhairdontcare The Best Hair Pics On Instagram This Week

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

So, this week came the news that we’ve all been patiently waiting for – Hiddleswift is over. After three months of near constant scrutiny, the superstar pairing of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston has collapsed. It’s been just days since the split and already the tabloids are filled with rumours. She says she dumped him because he was too clingy. He says he dumped her because she’s boring. One thing is for sure; this isn’t going to be a gentle breakup.

It’s hard not to feel a little sorry for the couple, even if they have behaved like 14 year olds on their first date at the fairground. It must be tough to live under such huge pressure from the media. As soon as news of the romance broke, we were wondering whether it was real, what they could possibly see in one another, and how long it would be before T-Swizzle penned her next heartbreak ballad.

At least our Instagram girls are having a cheerier time this week. Let’s round up and check out some of their finest Friday hairstyles.

Big Dreams and Purple Hair

This lovely lady is sporting not just a lot of gorgeous length (with almost waist length hair), but also a beautiful pastel colour. Pastel shades are pretty popular right now, but they’ll probably be replaced with slightly warmer, richer tones throughout the autumn. So, if you’re keen to experiment with one of the hottest trends of 2016, do it now while the style is still on fire. If you want to replicate these relaxed waves, you don’t have to do much primping and preening. Just make sure that your tresses are in a healthy condition and use texturising spray to add dimension and produce a shaggy, romantic vibe.

A photo posted by Trendy Hair (@trendyhair) on

Let’s Twist and Shout

This is another interesting take on the twisted pony. It is, essentially, a twisted chignon but worn very low on the nape of the neck and featuring a number of tucks and crosses. The main thing to remember is that the ends of the ponytail shouldn’t be loose. You need to wind the lengths around until you can tuck or clip the ends somewhere out of sight. This will leave you with a rounded – but dropped – bun or chignon. It is pretty easy to create, but if you find yourself struggling, try adding hair extensions for extra length.

Combine Your Braids with a Cross

We’re in love with everything about this super cool Instagram snap. We love the double French braids, the superstar sunnies, the playsuit, and the oversized cross earrings especially. This diva is proof that, with the right accompaniments, even the most basic of hairstyles can make you look as fabulous as Kate Moss and as fierce as Naomi Campbell. Don’t forget that the tighter and thinner your braids, the more innocent the look. So, if you want to give off a sultry vibe, avoid schoolgirl plaits and embrace a chunkier style.

A photo posted by Shannon Monica (@shannonie16) on

Going Ombre for the Autumn

We know that ombre has barely been away from the style and fashion pages this year, but it looks like the two toned look is here to stay. It is ideal for autumn and winter, because a mixture of auburn, honey blonde, and brassy orange is kind of like a reflection of the changing leaves outside. Plus, these tones are all very warm and vibrant, which is exactly what you need when pumpkin spiced lattes start appearing again and the first stirrings of Christmas arrive. This model from the Philippines is rocking those ginger highlights and we can’t get enough.

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