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#longhairdontcare The Best Hair Pics On Instagram This Week

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What connects electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk, a lime, and Beyonce’s little sister? The answer is, unsurprisingly, a whole lot of drama. Last week, Solange Knowles penned a thoughtful open letter after having a bad experience at a concert. She was having fun watching her favourite band, alongside her husband and her son, when a group of women demanded that they sit down and stop dancing.

Now, considering the fact that this is the same Solange Knowles that was caught, on camera, giving Jay Z a physical dressing down, you might assume that her reaction was an intense one. As a matter of fact, she kept her cool, even after the women threw a lime and hurled abuse at her. The singer has since opened up a dialogue about the way that women of colour are treated in predominantly white spaces.

The response has been very supportive and it’s refreshing to know that this kind of discussion doesn’t have to be aggressive. Solange, her little boy, you, your grandma, your grandma’s cat; we all have a right to get up and dance to our favourite tunes. Luckily, we reckon our beautiful ladies of Instagram know how to bust a serious move or two whilst flaunting some amazing hair dos!

Micro Fringe, Maximum Style

It has been a while since we’ve spotted a micro fringe this gorgeous. Just check out the style on this lady. She’s combined two simple looks for a dramatic effect. You have the micro fringe, which is still hugely popular and very fashionable. And then, she’s lifted the top of her tresses ever so slightly to add texture and dimension. Then, she’s got a lot of long and luscious length to play with too. If you want to try a micro fringe, we recommend having a go at it yourself (no, really). The trick is to decide what length you want it, but then to cut slightly lower so that you have the room to make corrections if it all goes pear shaped.

A photo posted by Erika Tabányi (@ercsyyy) on

The Baddest Bangs in Town

From one kickass fringe to another now. These bangs couldn’t be more different, but they’re still pretty exquisite. This week, we talked about the benefits of clip in fringes and this style is a good example of one that perfectly complements a bit of fakery. By keeping the cut quite blunt and angular (rather than feathered), you can hide a multitude of sins. In other words, if you pick the right shade of clip in fringe, nobody will ever be able to tell it apart from your own hair. And, if you’re not quite sure whether you want to make it permanent, clip ins are a good way to avoid a big commitment to big bangs.

A Braid Fit for a Princess

This rather girly and delicate look would be ideal for a wedding or summer party. It’s very fresh and pretty, but it’s also the kind of style that will stay put all day. So, if you’re headed for a wedding, try combining a simple waterfall braid with a backwards crown. It looks a little complicated, but you just need to get the hang of the waterfall technique. The best approach is to have a friend come and help you out, because reaching the back of your head is tricky. Braid from both sides and thin the ends out as you reach the middle of your crown.

A photo posted by Joanna (@joeymajda) on

Rocking That Parisian Chic

Of course, there are some days when you want to sizzle like Kim Kardashian, but you just can’t bear the thought of fussing around in the mirror for hours. Short of hiring a personal stylist, your only option is to stick with styles that are simple to put together. The French braid is a classic example, as most girls can create one in minutes. The longer your hair, the more dramatic it will look, so don’t hesitate to weave those extensions into your braid. If you tilt to the side as you work, it will sit over your shoulder and you’ll be able to toss it around glamorously like an off duty catwalk model.

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