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#longhairdontcare The Best Hair Pics on Instagram This Week

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The biggest celebrity news this week involves a controversial rap star and a former member of One Direction, so you know it has to be juicy. Erstwhile hip hop performer, Azealia Banks, offended pretty much the whole world with a bizarre Twitter rant aimed at Zayn Malik. Her comments were so offensive that they actually got her dropped from a number of festivals.

And, in other news, our favourite hair icon Kylie Jenner has finally split with main squeeze Tyga, (apparently for good this time). We reckon it won’t be long before she’s pictured with a brand new ‘do to celebrate being free and single. The question is, where to next? She’s done pastels, she’s rocked mermaid waves, and she’s taken the plunge and gone bottle blonde.

Whatever the youngest, sassiest Kardashian comes up with next, we’ll be looking to steal it for ourselves. For now though, check out the hottest hair pics from Instagram this week.

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Candyfloss Highlights

We can’t get enough of these gorgeous candyfloss pink highlights. It’s quite a bold look, but pastel tones are everywhere at the moment. If you’ve got bags of self-confidence and you love experimenting with new styles, this one could really turn some heads. It’s very girly, so it suits ladies who are all about expressing their femininity. Just make sure that you pair candy coloured highlights (even subtle ones) with fairly light makeup. Otherwise, you risk losing that flirtatious, fun, and girly vibe.

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Purple Passion

Some summers are defined by natural, delicate styles, but this one seems to be all about maxing out on colour and really expressing your personality through your hair. Even though balayage highlights are also quite popular right now, the hottest names and faces on the planet all seem to be opting for brighter tones. Katy Perry, Rita Ora, Gigi Hadid, and Jourdan Dunn have recently been snapped with pastel highlights. You can try the trend for yourself, by taking inspiration from this punk rock purple style. If you don’t want to make the change permanent, swap out the dye job for our selection of highlighted hair extensions.

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Double Braids

Last week, we lavished praise on the double braid and, this week, plenty of style conscious gals have been following our advice. We’ve picked this particular image, because it’s a good example of a style that is great for hiding all manner of imperfections. If you’re in between salon appointments, for example, and your colour is looking a little worse for wear, the French braid lets you sweep it back and still look elegant. Add hair extensions for extra length and then team your badass braid with dungarees and a flower crown, Coachella style.

Characterful Curls

Afro-Caribbean hair really doesn’t get enough love these days, so we want to shout about the beauty of natural ringlets and curls. Yes, it’s a lot harder to maintain than European hair, but if it’s cared for correctly, it looks amazing. Plus, there are loads of great celebrity role models who are super into the natural look; check out Solange Knowles, Erykah Badu, and FKA Twigs for some really impressive styles. Or, grab this gorgeous Instagram style for yourself. Keep the curls well defined with a really good de-frizz treatment and a strong hold hairspray.

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