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#longhairdontcare The Best Hair Pics on Instagram This Week

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

What with top secret celebrity injunctions, Twitter feuds, an embarrassing leak for Kylie Jenner, and a brand new haircut for Harry Styles, it’s fair to say that the week has been a busy one for our favourite stars. Right now, Blake Lively is the latest celeb to get wrapped up in a media scandal. She was called ‘racially insensitive,’ after making a reference to her ample ‘booty’ on Instagram (below).

We’ve also seen the trend for rainbow hair become so popular that even the guys are jumping on the bandwagon. Both Zayn Malik and Nick Jonas are currently rocking neon stripes in their quiffs. They’ll never match Bad Girl RiRi for sass and style though. The Bajan babe recently flounced in and out of a Texas bar, but not before leaving a whopping $200 dollar tip for the awestruck bartender.

She’s got a challenge on her hands this week, however, because our Instagram girls have been breaking the internet all over again.

A photo posted by Blake Lively (@blakelively) on


Sombre for Life

We’re in love with this gloriously wavy style, sombre highlights and all. It shows just how much of an impact real length and volume can make. With gorgeous, Rapunzel like locks, it’s easy to feel like anything is possible. It’s big and a little wild, which is what we secretly can’t get enough of at ClipHair. Yeah, poker straight tresses have their benefits, but doesn’t it feel great to embrace your curls and unleash your inner lioness sometimes? To steal this style for yourself, pick up the longest clip in extensions that you dare to wear.


Curls for the Girls

For a ravishingly retro look, try this old school style. We spotted this pic because that red shade is divine. It’s a colour that was really popular back in the forties and fifties and we think that it needs a comeback. It’s time for a new generation of Rita Hayworths and Lucille Balls to take the stage; fierce, fine, and fabulous women who aren’t afraid to show off their true colours. The best way to introduce those tumbling curls is with oversized rollers, but you can make it work with curling irons in a pickle. Just curl loose and brush your hair out gently afterwards.

A photo posted by |Millerhair| (@miller__hair) on


Highlights That Pop

We know that balayage and sombre highlights are huge right now, but they’re not the only way to make this style work. You see, the terms ‘sombre’ and ‘balayage’ only really refer to the highlighting technique, rather than the colours themselves. This means that you can balayage your hair in almost any colour that you want. This trend savvy gal gets an A+ for effort, because these magical purple, violet, and lilac highlights are making us swoon. They’re created using the balayage technique; the only difference is that the shades are more creative.

A photo posted by Rishay Z Sobouti (@shayzahra) on


A Bigger, Better Pony

If you’re looking for a super glam style that will wow at a party, check out this ‘all or nothing’ pony. It’s the type of look that Ariana Grande only wishes she could pull off, but it could be yours with only 20 minutes of work. You’ll definitely need hair extensions, because few girls have the kind of length required for this one. You’ll also need to backcomb your pony like there’s no tomorrow, before you tie it up. Keep it high and use the wraparound technique (wrap your hair around stem of your pony) for structure and support.

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