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#longhairdontcare The Best Hair Pics on Instagram This Week

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

This week, the headlines are filled with news of yet another acrimonious celebrity divorce. If reports are to be believed, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp have called it quits after just 15 months. The revelation comes hot on the heels of another blow for the Pirates of the Caribbean star; his mother also died this week.

There have been plenty of pics of Johnny looking paunchy and pale faced, but Amber Heard is keeping things as glamorous as ever. It’s rumoured that the two chose not to take out a prenup before they wed, so the Rum Diary actress certainly won’t be running out of designer shoes any time soon.

Fortunately, our Instagram girls are having a much happier week. They’ve been killing it with pastel highlights, super cool topknots, and intricate braids. So, let’s take a look at some of the best hairstyles on the ‘Gram this week.


Braided Crown

This delicate and super feminine braided crown is perfect for a summer wedding. It’s fresh and interesting, without being so girly that it looks twee or childish. Plus, it’s also a great way to wear hair down in a style that is new and different. The braided crown is worn low on the head and styled deliberately loose to give the look a sense of softness. If it were too tight, the style might look more school mistress than fairy queen, but that distinct sensuality and softness makes a big difference. The best way to do this is to take the braid from underneath, so that you can twist it round and still have lots to work with in the back.

Beach Bunny Curls

When it comes to bohemian beauty, it’s all about those sunkissed curls. This style is getting it righter than right, because the waves are soft and tousled. They cascade and tumble, like truly healthy hair should, and those subtle highlights give the honey blonde tones extra warmth and depth. Nothing turns heads quite like a girl with bouncy, all natural curls. Luckily, this is one area of life where it’s okay to cheat. If your hair isn’t as thick or long as you’d like, pick up some clip in extensions and fake your way to beach bunny perfection. To really master this style, make sure that you keep the curls loose and light.

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Balayage Topknot

We’ve talked a lot about balayage and sombre highlights over the last few weeks. They’re hugely popular right now and everybody from Jessica Alba to Chrissy Teigen has been spotted rocking them. While the balayage style is slowly being overtaken by sombre, its subtler sister, we’re still really fond of the bold contrast between light and dark tones. This laidback topknot is the kind of low maintenance chic that we love. It can be thrown together in minutes, it combines both the up and down ‘do, and it manages to look like something an off duty supermodel would wear to brunch. Plus, adding a high bun or knot to hair with balayage highlights is a great way to really show them off.

Mint Green Queen

Not everybody has the confidence or the bank balance to go full Kylie Jenner and dye their hair mermaid green. However, you can dabble with bold colours, without making such a dramatic commitment. These mint green accent highlights are a perfect example of how bright tones can be incorporated into a more sober style. If you’re not ready to try a full dye job, why not pick up some clip in highlights? That way, you can mix things up and wear them for parties and nights on the town. When Monday morning rolls around and work calls, just take them out and start counting down the days to the weekend.

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